PowerBuilder called from Web Page

I open a PB App from a link on a web page (using the ActiveXControl)...that
was successful

when the user double clicks on a row,  I want to open another Browser
instance and pass it args.....when done...let the calling window know...and
then return to the original Web Page...(all the while interwacting with a
Data Base)

I realize this is a broad question but...what do I need to

J. Christopher McCauley
General Physics Corporation
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12/7/2001 11:02:07 PM
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On Fri, 7 Dec 2001 15:02:07 -0800,
 in powersoft.public.powerbuilder.ole-ocx-activex
JCMcCauley <jc_mccauley@mindspring.com> wrote: 
>I open a PB App from a link on a web page (using the ActiveXControl)...that
>was successful
>when the user double clicks on a row,  I want to open another Browser
>instance and pass it args.....


>when done...let the calling window know...and
>then return to the original Web Page...(all the while interwacting with a
>Data Base)

I don't know of any way for whatever is launched in the new browser session
to talk directly back to the one that spawned it.  However, it can talk to the
database, and the app that spawned it can check to the database to see if
the action is done.

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

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12/10/2001 9:55:32 PM

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