PB 6.5 , OLAP and OCX


I want to give a drilldown functionality in the app. I am using Microsoft
Horizontalflexgrid and ado.
I am connecting to the ado and want to assign the recordset created to the
horizontal flexgrid.

There are couple of questions:-

1. How do I check whether the ADO has created a recordset or not  in PB 6.5

2. "ole_hflexgrid.object.rowset = nvado.recordset", this statement is giving
me a error accessing external object property rowset.  What am I doing wrong
? ( the full code is given below)

3. This is the strangest  of all. I tried going thru the mshflx98.chm. I am
unable to find any help for the properties Data source, Record source or
Rowset. But these properties are seen when you use the object browser in PB


long ll_status

nvado = create oleobject

/*connect to the object first*/
ll_status = NVado.ConnectToNewObject ("MSadodclib.adodc.6")
if ll_status < 0 THEN
  messagebox("Error", "Could not establish connection to

end if

NVAdo.datasourcename = "sybaseadoodbc"
NVAdo.username = "sa"
NVAdo.password = ''
Nvado.commandtype = 1
NVado.recordsource = 'SELECT * FROM TABLE1'
NVADO.connectstringtype = 3
nvado.maxrecords = 100

ole_hflexgrid.object.rows = 10
ole_hflexgrid.object.cols = 5

ole_hflexgrid.object.rowset = nvado.recordset

6/28/2000 11:25:23 PM
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