MS Word 97 embedded in PB 5.0 and PB 6.5 application

I am exploring the possibility of embedding the word interface in a
Powerbuilder MDI application (versions 5.0 and 6.5)  Users will use Word to
edit and to view documents. Can this be done or can I only use Word by
opening it external of a powerbuilder application?

4/15/1999 2:52:05 PM
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Yes, you can .in the window painter, controls box choose OLE ,then insert new
tab, then word document.
change its properties for the behaviour you like (linked,embedded)
try it, and also read about ole embedding and linking (I think PB have it in
the online books) to get more understanding.

Caryn Organic wrote:

> I am exploring the possibility of embedding the word interface in a
> Powerbuilder MDI application (versions 5.0 and 6.5)  Users will use Word to
> edit and to view documents. Can this be done or can I only use Word by
> opening it external of a powerbuilder application?

4/16/1999 2:13:45 PM

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