Delphi 5 OCX and PB 6.5


I have created a Delphi 5 ActiveX that manage a series of  BMP images. I
inserted it in PB 6.5 (using the tips posted here, i.e., getting a
native pointer, etc.). It worked fine... for a while. But  now I'm
having a little trouble with the following description:

Within the ActiveX inserted in PB 6.5:
1.- I construct an image (a BMP)  for printing it.
2.- I use the delphi printer object to put a title over the image.
3.- I print it and everything is OK. The title and the image appear.
4.- Here is the trouble. I print it again and just the title appear. I
don�t know why the image get lose.
5.- I restart PB, I repeat the process and it works again just for the
first time.

To test my ActiveX I inserted in Delphi, Word, Execl, etc and the error
don't appear. It printed the document (the title + the image) many times
without troubles.

I think that it would be memory problem in PB. Does anybody know how to
bypass this trouble?.

any help will be appreciated.


Alvaro Ega�a
Software Engineere.

4/9/2001 5:39:30 PM
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