Bugs and Problems when using ActiveX ole controls in PB 6/7/8

Hello, fellows,

I am trying using ActiveX controls in PB6.5, but when I want to get the 
properties or call the methods of the activex control, I cannot get the 
correct string when working in Chinese envirnment. The data type of the 
properties and the methods of the activex control is string. I have no such 
problem when the string is english. I test this in PB7 and PB8 also, I have 
the same problem. I know that the ActiveX control is created by VC++ and in 
VC++, the data type of all these properties and method of the control is 
"BSTR". Infact, I think, every ActiveX control will have the same problem 
in PB if using such properties of methods to get the string(of course the 
problem only exists when you want to get string of two charactor system, 
like Chinese, Japnese). 

Can any one help me? 
7/2/2001 7:45:43 AM
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