How to close a connection to the database

Is there any way to close a connection to the database server with Jconnect?

I'm opening a connection from an application run through a cgi script on the
web. It seems that if there is some kind of problem at runtime, the
connections are kept open on the server.

In the documentation, I haven't found any instruction to do this.


Guibert Englebienne

7/31/1998 9:06:28 PM
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Are you calling _con.close();

You can call this to disconnect.  Make sure if you are doing the connect as part
of the same try block as the query, you disconnect in a finally block.

Here's another  thing you may look at.  Have you network guys check the value of
TCP_KEEPALIVE in the OS.  ASE depends on the OS TCP stack.  Many OS's by default
will never close a half-dead socket.  You can configure the TCP stack to send
KEEPALIVE packets down the pipe.

Dave Wolf
Jaguar Product Team

Guibert Englebienne wrote:

> Is there any way to close a connection to the database server with Jconnect?
> I'm opening a connection from an application run through a cgi script on the
> web. It seems that if there is some kind of problem at runtime, the
> connections are kept open on the server.
> In the documentation, I haven't found any instruction to do this.
> Thanks
> Guibert Englebienne

7/30/1998 8:12:31 PM

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