getting JConnect work with new database

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I am not sure if this is the right forum group to post this question.
but I'll give it a try!
I have java application that needs to query SQL database. As I
understand, I have to use JConnect and have Open Server Gateway running
somewhere on the network. Now I was able to query the sample database
(sademo)  without any big errors. Then I decided to create new database
using Sybase Central. but I have problems using OSG with this new

  Are there any tables or procedures that are required for OSG to work?
I noticed that sample database several tables and procedures used by

Thanks in advance, Anatoly

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2/26/1998 7:13:27 PM
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OSG shouldn't require anything special, but if you
want to access database metadata with jConnect
you'll have to run the script in the jconnect\sp
directory (sql_anywhere.sql) against your database.
Just load up ISQL and do 

read c:\jconnect\sp\sql_anywhere.sql

adjusting the path as appropriate.

2/27/1998 11:24:30 AM

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