Problem at use methods of components EAServer as stored procedures in DataWindow.

I create in PowerBuilder object DataWindow  with DataSource as stored
procedures. Stored procedures are methods of component EAServers which
returns resultset. All works perfectly if the method does not have
parameters. If the method has parameters PowerBuilder dysplaying error
message box:

Cannot create DataWindow
'SystemException - execute

Any ideas?

Best regards,

12/26/2000 2:30:13 PM
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can you post the code in the method?

Dean Jones TeamSybase
PowerTeam, Inc.

"Ivan Lisenkov" <rrr@rrr.rr> wrote in message
> I create in PowerBuilder object DataWindow  with DataSource as stored
> procedures. Stored procedures are methods of component EAServers which
> returns resultset. All works perfectly if the method does not have
> parameters. If the method has parameters PowerBuilder dysplaying error
> message box:
> Cannot create DataWindow
> 'SystemException - execute
> PackageName.Component.method;1'
> Any ideas?
> Best regards,

12/26/2000 8:16:11 PM

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