Power Dynamo 3.5 performance

Hi All,
Am posting this again bcoz I need a quick reply. Help is greatly
appreciated. Thanks

Our project is running Microsoft IIS4.0 as the web server in  conjunction
with PowerDynamo3.5. The interfacing and the setup has been done right.

However, every once in a while loading of pages with simple HTML content
which was earlier taking place in 2 seconds, slows down drastically to
minutes and can only be remedied by restarting both the application and the
web server. I was wondering if there is fine tuning required in the ISAPI
settings in PowerDynamo3.5 so far as the 'Max number of Pending Requests'
and 'Max number of worker threads'(now set to default setting of
50 and 10 respectively) are concerned. Any hints would really help me out.
There is no documentation out there relating to this issue as of now.


7/13/2000 8:04:11 AM
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