HELP: Can't view performance data about Power Dynamo 3.5 in NT Performance Monitor


We had Power Dynamo 2 installed on both of our servers runing Windows NT 4 +
SP5. We upgraded them to
version 3.5 this year. However after upgrading, we found that the
performance data was not available to be viewed in NT performance Monitor.
We check the registry and found there's no setting for performance
monitoring for Power Dynamo 3.5. And when we tried to use the internal
utility within NT to load those counter data, we got an error message.

The command is :
    lodctr dyctrs03.ini
The Error is:
    Unable to open Driver key: SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PowerDynamo

From here, it's clear that some file within the version 3.5 distribution is
not upgraded at the same time the whole product is upgraded. We tried to
trick the utility to load the relevant counter by simply changing version in
dyctrs03.ini. This make the counter loaded into the registry. However after
that, we had another error when we tried to view performance data in
Performance Monitor, the new error said incorrect buffer size in
dyperf03.dll. So the old files used seems incompatible with version 3.5.

Any suggestions or advice about how to do performance monitoring under NT??
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

6/5/2000 6:44:51 AM
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