help! why i can not use ' out parameter' in 'oracle procedure'

i compile and execute the procedure in sqlplus(oracle tools)
but i can not use it in powerbuilder.
foe example:
the procedure is :
CREATE or replace PROCEDURE spm1
(dept varchar2 ,mgr_name out varchar2) 
        IS lutype varchar2(10);
        mgr_name:=dept||'out end';

the powerbuilder scipt is :

execute gg;
 i get error,and the error is :
and oracle document explain the error is :

PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to name
Cause: This error occurs when the named subprogram call cannot be matched 
to any declaration for that subprogram name. The subprogram name might be 
misspelled, a parameter might have the wrong datatype, the declaration 
might be faulty, or the declaration might be placed incorrectly in the 
block structure. For example, this error occurs if the built-in square root 
function SQRT is called with a misspelled name or with a parameter of the 
wrong datatype. 

Action: Check the spelling and declaration of the subprogram name. Also 
confirm that its call is correct, its parameters are of the right datatype, 
and, if it is not a built-in function, that its declaration is placed 
correctly in the block structure. 

help  what's wrong with it,what can i do?
5/27/2001 7:14:12 AM
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