Exporting datawindows with nested reports or composites to excel or flat text

I have various datawindow reports in our pb6.5 application
....some are composite datawindows...others are datawindows with nested 

I would like to export the visual contents of the datawindow to microsoft 
excel (.xls) or flat text. (.txt)

Two u_dw methods which I have tried, but failed, are SaveAs()and 
SaveAsAscii().  For simple datawindows these methods are fine, but not for 
the more complex datawindows I mentioned earlier.

Does anyone have any ideas.

You can contact me direct at : sodonnell@lysis.com
2/7/2001 4:05:08 PM
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On Wed, 7 Feb 2001 11:05:08 -0500, Stuart_O'_Donnell wrote:

>I have various datawindow reports in our pb6.5 application
>...some are composite datawindows...others are datawindows with nested 
>I would like to export the visual contents of the datawindow to microsoft 
>excel (.xls) or flat text. (.txt)
>Two u_dw methods which I have tried, but failed, are SaveAs()and 
>SaveAsAscii().  For simple datawindows these methods are fine, but not for 
>the more complex datawindows I mentioned earlier.
>Does anyone have any ideas.
>You can contact me direct at : sodonnell@lysis.com

2/7/2001 4:48:09 PM

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