VB dsn-less connection?

How to make a Visual basic dsn-less connection to ASE 12?

Here are the parameters.

user id = myid
user pw = mypw
database = db1
server = SYBSERVER1
networkaddress = SYBSERVER1.XXXX.com,3400
IP Addr =

2/7/2003 2:31:59 AM
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If you create a DSN and look it up in the registry you will have the
attribute names for these 
particular attributes.

Then when you create the conencitons string:

ConnString = {Driver=Sybase ASE ODBC

Since you show networkaddress I can tell you are using ODBC 12.5 - tds
That attribute name you wil find in the reg...


nmr wrote:
> How to make a Visual basic dsn-less connection to ASE 12?
> Here are the parameters.
> user id = myid
> user pw = mypw
> database = db1
> server = SYBSERVER1
> networkaddress = SYBSERVER1.XXXX.com,3400
> IP Addr =
> Thanks
2/8/2003 1:59:51 AM

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Has anyone ever created a connection to an ODBC datasource without creating an ODBC DSN? Is it possible? Yes! Kudoes to my friend Jim Egan for reminding me of this a few weeks ago. Here's an example: >SQLCA.DBParm = "ConnectString='Driver=Adaptive Server Anywhere >6.0;UID=dba;PWD=sql;DBF=d:\sybase\Adaptive Server Anywhere >6.0\asademo.db;Start=d:\sybase\Adaptive Server Anywhere >6.0\win32\dbeng6.exe -c 8m'" In article <p2zaQx$D$GA.270@forums.sybase.com>, nospam_d.stockmann@smmj.com says... > Has anyone ever created a connectio...

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