Hi NG,

i try to connect to a sybase-db via adodc (visual basic). i can only
select from the db. Updates will produce a e_fail. now i read in the
white paper of msdasql, that msdasql requires an odbc-driver to be
odbc-version 3.x conformance level 1. the sybase ase odbc driver (v. are only core. is there a way to connect sybase using ado?

please help me

Sybase 12.0 (PC-client) - VB6 - SP5 - MDAC2.6

8/9/2001 1:44:52 PM
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firstly,you can install the mdac 2.6,and then 
install the oledb provider for sybase,

the second step:
you can use the createobject("adodb.connection") function to establish 
database connection.
setting the connectstring properties to the adodc control

last,you can open recordset with different lock type to control the data.

victor fan
8/22/2001 1:23:55 PM

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