Invoking Oracle Stored-Procedure from Sybase Stored-Procedure

I have a peculiar design constraint.

I need to invoke a Oracle Stored-Procedure pass it 1
parameter and use the result-set returned by the oracle
stored procedure in my Sybase stored procedure.

In affect I need to invoke a Oracle Stored-Procedure
returning a result-set from a Sybase Stored-Procedure.

I checked up and found Direct-Connect could be one option
where-in I could invoke a rpc. Has any-one tried using
Direct-Connect ?

Also I remember Sybase also had a product\technology called
Omni-Connect which could be used to connect to Oracle

Is Omni-Connect still available with ASE 12.x ? if so then
what are the trade-offs between using Omni-Connect to
Direct-Connect ?


5/21/2004 6:15:17 AM
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