tow or more rows in a single row


I have one senario.

Create table Client_Table
ID int,
SUB int,
Name varchar(30),
Status varchar(10)

insert into Client_Table
select 9001,4,'Gail','Active'
Select 9001,1,'Mark','Active'
union all
select 9001,2,'Will','InActive'
union all
select 9001,4,'Gail','Active'
union all
select 9002,1,'chals','Active'
union all
select 9003,1,'ken','Active'
union all
select 9003,2,'dave','Active'
union all
select 9004,1,'peter','Active'
union all
select 9004,2,'Jack','InActive'

each ID can have any no of clients,

i need to select only the first two Active clients for each
ID in a single row

Example Output

ID Name1 Name2
9001 Mark steve
9002 chals
9003 Ken dave
9004 Peter
8/12/2008 1:02:40 PM
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One way may be something like:

select ID, firstone = MIN(SUB)
into #t1
from Client_Table
where status = 'Active'
group by ID
create unique clustered index idx1 on #t1 (ID, firstone)
select ID, secondone = MIN(SUB)
into #t2
from Client_Table a
where status = 'Active'
and SUB != (select firstone from #t1 b where b.ID = a.ID)
group by ID
select distinct a.ID, Name1 = c.Name, Name2 = d.Name
from #t1 a, #t2 b, Client_Table c, Client_table d
where a.ID *= b.ID
and a.ID *= c.ID
and a.firstone *= c.SUB
and b.ID *= d.ID
and b.secondone *= d.SUB

Bob Densmore

On 12 Aug 2008 06:02:40 -0700, Karthikeyan.M wrote:

>I have one senario.
>Create table Client_Table
>ID int,
>SUB int,
>Name varchar(30),
>Status varchar(10)
>insert into Client_Table
>select 9001,4,'Gail','Active'
>Select 9001,1,'Mark','Active'
>union all
>select 9001,2,'Will','InActive'
>union all
>select 9001,4,'Gail','Active'
>union all
>select 9002,1,'chals','Active'
>union all
>select 9003,1,'ken','Active'
>union all
>select 9003,2,'dave','Active'
>union all
>select 9004,1,'peter','Active'
>union all
>select 9004,2,'Jack','InActive'
>each ID can have any no of clients,
>i need to select only the first two Active clients for each
>ID in a single row
>Example Output
>ID Name1 Name2
>9001 Mark steve
>9002 chals
>9003 Ken dave
>9004 Peter

8/15/2008 8:19:55 PM

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