proc recomp

until what version the below statement was true? I am
reading manaul and i thought 'update stats' will trigger
recompilation of SP!

"Neither the update statistics nor the create index command
causes an automatic recompilation of stored procedures"
12/6/2010 8:05:51 PM
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On 06-Dec-2010 21:05, jobless wrote:
> until what version the below statement was true? I am
> reading manaul and i thought 'update stats' will trigger
> recompilation of SP!
> "Neither the update statistics nor the create index command
> causes an automatic recompilation of stored procedures"

As of ASE 12.5.1, update statistics performs an implicit sp_recompile.
As of ASE 15.0, creating an index perfoms an implicit sp_recompile.


Rob V.
Rob Verschoor

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12/6/2010 10:54:17 PM

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