Check List for ASE 11.9.2 Performance Tuning

Dear all,

We need to troubleshoot the performance issue in an ASE 11.9.2 server.
During the system in a slow response time state, about 20 Sh_page locks (Non
Cursor Lock) found on the syslogins when I execute the sp_lock.
Can anyone give me some advise on which areas I should check first (may be a
check list) ?


2/28/2003 9:33:32 AM
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You might want to read through the Performance & Tuning guide for things 
like query performance management with things like sp_showplan and 

What you could consider is this.  Any running task may be running with a 
bad query plan.  Here's my short-list of what to look at (and I could come 
up with a very long list).

sp_showplan any task that is running.
Look at its query plan to note what the query is doing.
Determine if something like a table scan is occurring and why.
Fix the table-scan issue through normal DBA tasks of either creating 
indexes or changing code.
rinse and repeat.

There are many things to do to diagnose and cleans performance problems 
within systems.  Depending on how mission-critical it is, you might want to 
hire consultants and or more skilled DBAs to oversee the system longer-term 
and make sure things like this don't happen often.  Far too many times, 
performance problems happen when DBAs or other management deem indexes as 
being too expensive for performance and don't put them on tables that 
really need them.  Or, indexes are designed wrong with not enough columns, 
for example.

Another bad situation that happens with Sybase ASE is datatype mismatches 
in parameter stored procedures or within joins between tables with 
differing datatypes of columns.  Make sure parameters to procedures match 
the columns that they are used on within queries of the stored procedure - 
that is a must for good performance.

If you have more questions - post them here.

Also, if you want a copy of a stored procedure I wrote called "sp_what" 
which shows only the running spids of your server instead of the 
oh-so-wonderful sp_who which does nothing much, let me know.

John McVicker
Inventa Technologies, Inc.
We specialize in high-capacity performance tuning and system monitoring.
2/28/2003 3:54:56 PM
Hello, Jack!
You wrote  on Fri, 28 Feb 2003 17:33:32 +0800:

 JS> We need to troubleshoot the performance issue in an ASE 11.9.2 server.
 JS> During the system in a slow response time state, about 20 Sh_page locks (Non
 JS> Cursor Lock) found on the syslogins when I execute the sp_lock.
 JS> Can anyone give me some advise on which areas I should check first (may be a check list) ?

lond living or uncommited transactions.

Ilya Zvyagin, First Container Terminal of SPb Sea Port
E-mail: masterziv@*KILLSPAM* - include HP in subject
ICQ UID: 29427861(MasterZIV)

3/3/2003 8:44:58 AM

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