Problem with image-column and PDF with JPG images

We are using Sybase ASE on Win NT.
(Adaptive Server Enterprise/ 11096 ESD 1/NT (IX86)/OS
4.0/2008/32bit/OPT/Wed May 07 01:29:40 2003)

and are using jconnect to store PDF files in an image-column:

create table blobstore
    blobid              INT not null,
    document  image  null,
    lastsaved  datetime null,
    primary key (blobid)

We are having no problems with storing and retrieving PDF files WITHOUT
embedded JPG images.

But when we include JPG images in the PDF file, the retrieved PDF file
from the database has been corrupted.   The file has the same
size, but when we compare the two files (before and after
being stored in the database), some of the values in the binary stream
have changed, namely 0x81, 0x8d, 0x8f, 0x90, 0x9d.   All these values have
been changed to 0x3f.    The PDF file can be viewed in Acrobat Reader,
but with no images.

Any clues ?

Bjornar Almli

6/19/2003 11:21:40 AM
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