How to find out the date/time of when a record was last update? #2

8/31/2001 12:15:11 AM
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How to find out the date/time of when a record was last update?
Hi, Is there a way to determine the date or/time of when a record was last update, w/out using audit ? thanks in advance, Karena Add a timestamp or datetime column to you table to track this. steve [TeamSybase] but is there any way to track it down if i didn't have the timestamp column set up? thanks, Karena Not easily, and probably not at all. For instance, if you have a series of database dumps, you could start loading them and checking the contents of the row until you find the db dumps where it has value (a) in the first dump and (b) in the next dump -...

How can I have 2 dates and select all records that have a date field with a value between those 2 dates?
I have 2 textboxes, 1 for the start date and 1 for the end date and I want the user to be able to enter 2 dates and select records from SQL that fall between those 2 dates. I have the code working in classic asp but am getting an error with .net. This is the code i have: Dim enddate As Date Dim startdate As Date enddate = Request.form("date_from") startdate = Request.form("date_to") strSelect = "SELECT id, title, category, dateadded FROM news WHERE category = 'articles' AND dateadded BETWEEN '" & startdate & "' AND '" &...

How to find out the date of when a record was updated?
Hi, Is there a way to determine the date or/and time of when a record was last updated , w/o using the audit feature? thanks, Karena wrote... > Hi, > Is there a way to determine the date or/and time of when a record was last > updated , w/o using the audit feature? I've seen the timestamp column used to approximate the time a row was changed. The usual way is to add a DATETIME column to the table and have the INSERT and UPDATE triggers set the value. -- Jim Egan [TeamSybase] Senior Consultant Sybase Professional Services Every ...

Updating Record Date and Times From Current Values
I am having trouble writting a query that I thought I had a grasp on.The scenario is this - when a user logs in using a test account, all of the records associated with that account will be updated to show the current month and year, but I want them to retain the day and time that is already in the date field.Example: say a record's date value is currently '2008-11-13 10:37:30.000' , when the test account is launched I want it to update to '2009-[currentMonth]-[currentDay] 10:37:30.000'This is as far as I have gotten in the update statement: UPDATE records SET rec_d...

How do you know the last date/time update stats is run on a table?
regards, Abel The nitty-gritty is in sysstatistics. An SP that generates the output below is my sp_newstats proc in the dba.sql file at However you better read the Installation Guide first since other procs also have to be loaded. A quicker way would be to use the code and strip off the execution of sp_date, etc. that prettyprints the dates. sp_newstats CURRENT DATE/TIME -------------------------------- May 6, 2001 (08:40:53 AM) THERE ARE 48 STATISTICS ROWS FOR 9 SYSTEM TABLES IN systatistics. THERE ARE 4...

Updated Date/Time all Time Zones
Hi,I am working on a Web ASP.NET APPLICATION, which has different sub domains for all the different Countries, I need to show the Current Date/Time based on DayLight Saving as well but I am unable to find a perfect solution for this, I am not looking for a Paid WebService as the Site might not show the Date/Time if the Vendor stops that WebService,it is one crucial requirement and I am sure there should be a way in 2.0 to figure this out.......thanks    A fundamental rule in technology says whatever can be done will be done See this:

Update Only the Time in a date time field
Hi,i have a table having a datatime field and on a datagrid I need only to display and update the time part. I'm using select CONVERT(CHAR(8), JobStartTime, 8) AS StartTime from table to get the date. What is  the best way to write the update command . What woul dbe the best approch.   Regards, Vijay  1. Instate of doing formatting in the SQL, Try to do that is the DataGrid with FormatString. 2. To Update the Database , you can do that in two ways.    a. Either go for Store Procudure. Send the TIME you want to set for record. Your SP should some ...

date/time or date and time
I am setting up an SQL database and I will need to get differences in dates. For example I have a start date, start time, completion date and completion time and I want to get the difference between the start and completion. Would it be better to have one field with both date and time in it, or better to have a date field and a time field? Even though I have already started setting up the tables with seperate fields for date and time I am now leaning toward one field with date/time in it. (Only because that is the way I had to do it when setting up an Excel spreadsheet for a similar ta... release update... respinning for rc5, new target release date Tue. 2/27
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------050707070507020409050603 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit A new blocker was discovered recently what will require a respin for Firefox Bug 370521 <> -- TextArea not firing onchange event (edit <javascript:toggleField('summary');>) was caused by the checkin for: Bug 357684 <> -- onchange on ...

Membership.GetUser() does not update the last-activity date/time stamp for the user
I am writing the "Who is online" function for my application and found that Membership.GetUser() does not update the last-activity date/time stamp for the user as expected. This make my application considers a user offline after he/she logs into the system after the number of minutes specified in the "userIsOnlineTimeWindow" property (even he/she is still working in the application). I have searched on web all day and found no clues on this problem.Has anyone encountered the same kind of problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks a lot.  Membership.GetUs...

Find the newest date of 2 date fields
I've 2 date fields clidlp,clidlc in my data base table. How do I find the newest dates between the fields? Thanks for your help! Hello, you can use a CASE statement in your SQL Query Eample: SELECT CASE WHEN clidlp > clidlc THEN clidlp ELSE clidlc END AS NewestDateFROM [Table]Check out my new blog at

Updates updates updates #2
Name: Product: Firefox Summary: Updates updates updates Comments: I love Firefox, but it seems EVERY day there is some sort of updates to download before it will open. You need to figure out a way Firefox can open when asked to do so and update in the background and apply the updates on the next restart. Browser Details: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090824 Firefox/3.5.3 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729) From URL: Note to readers: Hendrix gives no expectation of a response to this feedback but if you wish to provide on...

updating Oracle date column without update time
Hello, I have an oracle table with a Date column. When I do a DW update(), the generated update is as follow : update table set date_maj = to_date('15-09-2000 15:09:14','DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS') But I don't want the TIME to be updated, I'd like a format like : to_date('15-09-2000 00:00:00','DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS') where the time is set to midnight, wich is the Oracle default for date columns when you don't want to treat with time. I'm using 7.02 build 8046, and I think the behaviour in previous versions was not the same. ... security release update
We had to respin for, and now have Firefox rc4 and rc2 builds. We also had to re-fix the permissions issue with DE (temporarily disabled watch for files effected), and will look for a more permanent fix for the next release. Looks like these latest rc builds might be it... Build and QA are wrapping up work for these latest rc builds and we are shooting for a target ship date of Thursday 2/22 (Thunderbird will follow the next week). Detailed schedules/tasks and general info can be found on the wiki http:...

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