Network packet layer error #2

I have migrated a 11.9.2 server to (on a new

Our front-end application written in PB9.0 in certain
circumstances looses its connection with
"ct_send(): network packet layer: internal net library
error: Net-Lib protocol driver call to write data failed".

It only occurs after a particular sequence of sql statements
in one area of the application.  All other
areas (of the application) function correctly.

I have traced the sql statements sent to the server (from
the app) and nothing seems out of the ordinary.

This error occurs if the client PC has 11.9.2 or 12.0
installed so it probably is not an issue
with the local client libraries.

When I change the client protocol from WinSockets to Named
pipes the application works.  Although this is a solution
I am not happy knowing there is a "bug" with the server as
it may re-surface somewhere else at a future point.
3/18/2004 3:18:50 AM
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