How to determined when a user last logged on.

How may you determine when a user last logged on?
Is there an sp for this?
1/4/2005 12:40:20 PM
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Patrick Krosbakken wrote:
> How may you determine when a user last logged on?
> Is there an sp for this?
I don't think this is possible unless you use the auditing feature.
1/4/2005 1:41:32 PM
> How may you determine when a user last logged on?
> Is there an sp for this?
If your release supports login triggers, you could use a
login script that is run automatically when a user connects
to record the date/time into a table.  See the
sp_modifylogin procedure documentation and System
Administration Guide for login triggers.
1/4/2005 2:05:08 PM
If the user is currently logged in, see the "loggedindatetime" field of
sysprocesses (this is new as of 12.5 GA)

Otherwise, as otheres have suggested, you can set up auditing (any
version) or login triggers (12.5) to capture that information.


Patrick, Krosbakken wrote:

> How may you determine when a user last logged on?
> Is there an sp for this?

1/4/2005 3:17:39 PM
> How may you determine when a user last logged on?
> Is there an sp for this?

If you Sybase ASE server is 12.5 or + use the login
trigger(stored procedure) to manage you problem, otherwise
no choice but audit.
Remember that the login stored procedure must be in the
login default database and it must also be associated with
the logins that you want to monitor by using sp_modifylogin.

Here is basic example of login trigger that I use for some
of serevr:

use defdb -- tartamion_prod ,or master for example
if exists ( select name from sysobjects where
name="login_spy" and type="U")
drop table login_spy
create table login_spy
(login                          varchar(10)                 
,srv_name                       varchar(10)                 
,date                           varchar(30)                 
on 'default'
grant insert  on login_spy to public

if exists ( select name from sysobjects where
name="sp_login_spy" and type="P")
drop prod sp_login_spy
create proc sp_login_spy as
-- This proc can be executed as login trigger to record all
access to server
declare @uname varchar(10)
declare @chd varchar(30)
select @chd=convert(varchar(30),getdate())
select @uname=substring((,1,10) from
master..syslogins l, master..sysprocesses p where
l.suid=p.suid an
d p.spid=@@spid
insert into master..login_spy
grant exec on sp_login_spy to public
-- This stored procedure must be rewritten in a more
complete fashion.

1/4/2005 3:23:06 PM
In addition to the suggestions already here, you could make use of the
configuration "log audit logon success" to log entries of successful logins
to the error log.  You could then write a simple script to get the info you
want, or get really fancy and use the filesystem access features of ASE to
query the errorlog.

<Patrick Krosbakken> wrote in message
> How may you determine when a user last logged on?
> Is there an sp for this?

1/7/2005 3:47:03 PM

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