Rounded corners

I'm developing some gradient filled components with rounded corners.

I use

  Canvas.Brush.Style := bsClear;
  Canvas.Pen.Color := iStyleInUse.BorderColor;
  Canvas.RoundRect(0, 0, Width, Height, CornerRounding, CornerRounding);
  iBorderOffset := 1;
  Rgn1 := CreateRoundRectRgn(btnR.Left + iBorderOffset, btnR.Top + iBorderOffset, btnR.Right, btnR.Bottom, CornerRounding, CornerRounding);
  SelectClipRgn(Canvas.Handle, Rgn1);
  SavedHandle := SaveDC(Canvas.Handle);
  SMDrawGradient(Canvas, btnR, iStyleInUse.ColorFrom, iStyleInUse.ColorTo, iStyleInUse.Direction, 255);
  RestoreDC(Canvas.Handle, SavedHandle);
  SelectClipRgn(Canvas.Handle, 0);

It works well apart from the fact that the corners aren't filled properly. It looks as though there's a transparent corner inside the real corner and I'm filling them with code like

for X := 0 to CornerRounding - 1 do begin
  InsideBorder := False;
  for Y := Height - 1 downto Height - CornerRounding do begin
   if InsideBorder or (Canvas.Pixels[X, Y] <> NotThere)
    then InsideBorder := True;
   if InsideBorder and (Canvas.Pixels[X, Y] = NotThere)
    then Canvas.Pixels[X, Y] := Canvas.Pixels[X + 2, Y]

Is there a better way?

Roy Lambert
6/24/2011 2:03:56 PM
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