[wxperl-users] wxPerl::Styles

Hi all,

Here's a style shortcut package to complement wxPerl::Constructors


I realize that style('hscroll', te => 'process_enter|multiline') isn't 
much shorter than (style => Wx::wxHSCROLL()|Wx::wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER()|
Wx::wxTE_MULTILINE()), but shortness is only an interim goal.  By 
processing the constants as strings, I'm hoping to enable a better 
XRC-like thing.  In the meantime, it's shorter enough that I think I 
can get all of the style onto one line more often than not.


This is copied from the documentation.  See the svn above.

  use Wx qw(
  ... wxALIGN_RIGHT ... ;


  use Wx ();
  use wxPerl::Styles 'wxVal';
  ... wxVal('align_right') ... ;

  use Wx ();
  use wxPerl::Constructors;
  use wxPerl::Styles 'style';

  my $text_ctrl = wxPerl::TextCtrl->new($self, 'some text here',
    style('hscroll', te => 'process_enter|multiline')

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