[wxperl-users] wxPerl 0.13 beta available

subject says it. Platforms: RedHat Linux 8.0/GTK and ActivePerl/Win32 6xx
and 8xx; compiled against wxWindows 2.4.0 (wxGTK) and a CVS snapshot of
2.4.1-to-be (wxMSW).


The Wx-Sample-XS-0.01.tar.gz is a small, trivial sample of module using
wxPerl and XS.

Feedback appreciated, TIA!


2/20/2003 9:44:08 PM
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Hello, subject says it; http://wwwstud.dsi.unive.it/~mbarbon/wx/ Regards Mattia I'll be downloading this tonight and will try if everything works with my current scripts. Thanks! By the way: do you have any idea when the final 0.13 will be out? What needs to be done before it will be released? I'm working on a project that needs to be finished before the 13th of this month. I would like to be able to use 0.13, because it contains Wx::Wave. I found the previous beta stable, except for the Font-bug I ran into. I also imagine that the 0.13 won't be out bef...

RE: [wxperl-users] wxPerl 0.13 beta for ActivePerl 8xx builds
Mattia, Is Wx::Socket avaliable in the version? Thanks. Iso -----Original Message----- From: Mattia Barbon [mailto:mbarbon@dsi.unive.it] Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2003 12:09 AM To: wxperl-users@lists.sourceforge.net Subject: [wxperl-users] wxPerl 0.13 beta for ActivePerl 8xx builds Hello, subject says it; http://wwwstud.dsi.unive.it/~mbarbon/wx/ Regards Mattia ------------------------------------------------------- This SF.net email is sponsored by: Etnus, makers of TotalView, The = debugger=20 for complex code. Debugging C/C++ programs can leave you feeli...

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Hello to all, I am currently still having problems installing wxPerl 0.13 on a RedHat 8.0 system with GCC 3.2 and Perl 5.8.0. I have wxGTK 2.4.0 installed as well as the contrib extras (stc, and others that are required by wxPerl). However, I am having problems with getting the tests to work after compiling. The package compiles fine, but the tests fail at the STC testing. The Error I get is the follwing: make[2]: Entering directory `/root/.cpan/build/Wx-0.13/ext/stc' PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0, ...

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This is a Win32-only binary snapshot. Use only if you know you need it. http://wwwstud.dsi.unive.it/~mbarbon/wx/ Regards mattia ...

[wxperl-users] [ANNOUNCE] wxPerl 0.13
A new version of wxPerl, the Perl bindings to wxWindows, is out! You can download the source from CPAN. Binary packages for ActivePerl/Win32 6xx and 9xx builds, and Red Hat Linux are available along with documentation in HTML and MS HTML Help format from http://wxperl.sourceforge.net/ Changes since the last version: - new DEPRECATIONS section in README.txt, please read it - New build system, allows building wxPerl extension written using XS outside of the wxPerl tree. - Added Wx::Wave - Added Wx::MemoryFSHandler - Added Wx::Per...

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Hello, I'm planning for a release "soon", here are the plans: Changes since 0.12: - New build system, allows building wxPerl extension written using XS outside of the wxPerl tree. - Added Wx::Wave - Added Wx::MemoryFSHandler - Added Wx::Perl::Carp (thanks to podmaster). - Mac OS X support (requires wxWindows 2.4.0 or newer). In addition: - wxActiveX/wxIE will be available as a separate package - there will be a sample module (Wx::Sample::XS) showing how to build a wxPerl module using XS outside wxPerl core - it *should* be possible writing a module (say, Wx...

[wxperl-users] Wx::Font and wxperl 0.13
It seems like something is wrong with Wx::Font in the new 0.13 beta release. I just called Wx::Font like this (the exact same syntax I use in other programs): my $font = Wx::Font->new( 24, # font size wxSWISS, # font family wxNORMAL, # style wxNORMAL, # weight 0, # Underline? 'Comic Sans MS'); # face name But that gives an underlined default swiss font, mu...

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....has been released. This is (hopefully) the last beta before 0.12, hence you are encouraged to try it. Changes since 0.11: - new DEPRECATIONS section in README.txt, please read it - it is now possibile to get the native handle of a Wx::Window - implemented wxWizard and related classes - Document/View framework (thanks to Simon Flack) - Mostly completed wxStyledTextCtrl interface (thanks to Graciliano M. P. and Simon Flack) - implemented wxFontEnumerator and wxFontMapper - implemented wxLogChain and wxLogPassThrough (2.3) - Wx::PlLog, Wx::PlLogPassThrough, for...

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[wxperl-users] wxPerl 0.22
Hello, this release has just some minor improvements over 0.21, mainly for wxWidgets 2.5.3 and Mac OS X users. The reasons for this release are: * FreeBSD support (I have a FreeBSD port for 5.10, I'll send it separately) * Mac OS X binary packages: the ones I distributed until now were broken in various ways. These ones have been tested on a fresh OS X installation (no XCode installed, no updates, nothing). There are bot ANSI and Unicode versions. I haven't updated the WebSite yet, you can download directly from https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?grou...

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Hello, this is a source-only release that should solve all wxWidgets 2.5.2-related problems reported until now. Regards Mattia C:\Perl\.cpanplus\5.8.3\build\Wx-0.20>perl Makefile.PL Checking if your kit is complete... Looks good Writing Makefile for Wx::Grid Writing Makefile for Wx::STC Writing Makefile for Wx::Print Writing Makefile for Wx::DateTime Writing Makefile for Wx::Calendar Writing Makefile for Wx::DND Writing Makefile for Wx::Socket Writing Makefile for Wx::Html Writing Makefile for Wx::Help Writing Makefile for Wx::DocView Writing Makefile for Wx::XRC ...

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Hello, this is te first beta release depending on Alien::wxWidgets. You should be able to install wxPerl from CPAN even if wxWidgets is not installed yet (provided you have a compiler, of course): Alien::wxWidgets will ask if you want to build wxWidgets from sources. Regards Mattia Mattia, There are a few files missing from Wx-0.49_01.tar.gz. (I grabbed it off pause) 1. the whole of directory \ext\media 2. \ext\datetime\XS\DateSpan.xsp 3. \ext\datetime\XS\TimeSpan.xsp Once these are added from CVS, the build works fine for me (VC6 , wxWidgets 2.6.3) with &#...

[wxperl-users] New wxPerl beta
Hello, this fixes the known problems with wxFont (and some minor unknown ones). http://wwwstud.dsi.unive.it/~mbarbon/wx/ The Win32 binaries are compiled with and without Unicode, but only for Perl 5.6.1 (I'll upload the ones for 5.8.0 later, probably tuesday). RPMs for RedHat 8.0 as the previous beta. Regards Mattia ...

[wxperl-users] wxPerl 0.24
Hello, I hope to have it uploaded by tomorrow. It fixes: - A problem when running with PAR on Linux - The crash on bitmap load on Win95 reported by Nick Johnston and a similar (possibly the same) crash when loading a bitmap on WinXP - The problem with Wx::Log::SetTimestamp reported by Johan Vromans - The fact that Wx::Menu::Append should return a Wx::MenuItem with wxWidgets 2.6.x. Just a bugfix release (it will not be available for Mac unless somebody asks for it). Regards Mattia ...

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