I put Version 2 of compressed unicode vtables into


Somehow I could not read unicode tables without visual feedback, so I
combined glyphs downloaded from Unicode place with unicode tables into
a small collection of images.

The directory ../bin contains scripts used for this.  load was working
in August.  makeGIF.pl requires old GD (1.19 or older).  I used
unicode tables supplied with 5.005_62 to annotate pictures.

(Thus glyphs are older than annotations, hope this does not create any
confusion. ;-)


  *) xv views this nice on 1280x1024 screens;
  *) I printed this on Letter-size using 56% magnification of xv (128 dpi).
  *) green-framed glyphs needed scaling;
  *) ""-quoted names (=purple) are old names for control chars;
  *) Names of ranges (from ul corner) are stripped from char names;
  *) The abbreviations used in names:
	 w WITH
	 sn SIGN
	 mk MARK
	 \d DIGIT
  *) Format of the type (=pink):

    general [combining] [<decomposition>] [numeric] ["comment"] [casemap]

     x) "Numeric" looks like =9, ==9, ===9 depending on whether it is a
	decimal digit, digit, or number;
     x) "decomposition" has < and > stripped (but is put into <> after this);
     x) "casemap" is uc=... lc=... tc=... ("..." may contain several chars)
     x) "general" is mapped using
	 Lu => 'uc',		      # Letter, Uppercase
	 Ll => 'lc',		      # Letter, Lowercase
	 Lt => 'Ttlc',		      # Letter, Titlecase
	 Mn => 'nonspacing Mark',     # Mark, Non-Spacing
	 Mc => 'spacing combining mark',  # Mark, Spacing Combining
	 Me => 'enclosing mark',	  # Mark, Enclosing
	 Nd => 'decimal',	      # Number, Decimal Digit
	 Nl => 'letter-number',	      # Number, Letter
	 No => 'other-number',	      # Number, Other
	 Zs => 'space',		      # Separator, Space
	 Zl => 'line-sep',	      # Separator, Line
	 Zp => 'paragr-sep',	      # Separator, Paragraph
	 Cc => 'control',	      # Other, Control
	 Cf => 'format',	      # Other, Format
	 Cs => 'surrog',	      # Other, Surrogate
	 Co => 'private-use',	      # Other, Private Use
	 Cn => '???',		      # Other, Not Assigned (no)
	 Lm => 'modifier-letter',     # Letter, Modifier
	 Lo => 'other-letter',	      # Letter, Other
	 Pc => 'connector',	      # Punctuation, Connector
	 Pd => 'dash',		      # Punctuation, Dash
	 Ps => 'punct-open',	      # Punctuation, Open
	 Pe => 'punct-close',	      # Punctuation, Close
	 Pi => 'ini-quote',	      # Punctuation,  Initial quote (may
				      behave like Ps or Pe depending
	 Pf => 'fin-quote',	      # Punctuation,  Final  quote  (may behave like
				      Ps or Pe depending
	 Po => 'other-punct',	      # Punctuation, Other
	 Sm => 'math',		      # Symbol, Math
	 Sc => 'currency',	      # Symbol, Currency
	 Sk => 'modifier-symbol',     # Symbol, Modifier
	 So => 'other-symbol',	      # Symbol, Other

      x) "combining" is mapped using
	 0 => '',		      #: Spacing, split, enclosing, reordrant, and
				      Tibetan subjoined
	 1 => 'over/inter',	      #: Overlays and interior
	 7 => 'nukta',		      #: Nuktas
	 8 => 'voicing',	      #: Hiragana/Katakana voicing marks
	 9 => 'virama',		      #: Viramas
	 10 => 'fixed-start',	      #: Start of fixed position classes
	 199 => 'fixed-end',	      #: End of fixed position classes
	 200 => '|_',		      #: Below left attached
	 202 => '_',		      #: Below attached
	 204 => '_|',		      #: Below right attached
	 208 => '<',		      #: Left attached (reordrant around single base
	 210 => '>',		      #: Right attached
	 212 => '|~',		      #: Above left attached
	 214 => '~',		      #: Above attached
	 216 => '~|',		      #: Above right attached
	 218 => '||_',		      #: Below left
	 220 => '__',		      #: Below
	 222 => '_||',		      #: Below right
	 224 => '<<',		      #: Left (reordrant around single base character)
	 226 => '>>',		      #: Right
	 228 => '||~',		      #: Above left
	 230 => '~~',		      #: Above
	 232 => '~||',		      #: Above right
	 233 => 'vv',		      #: Double below
	 234 => '^^',		      #: Double above
	 240 => '_iota_',	      #: Below (iota subscript)

       [handling of 10..199 whould be improved, right now it prints comb?/num]

Oups, I see now that I forgot to put BIDIR into the syntax type...

11/23/1999 12:32:02 AM
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Web resources about - ftp://ftp.math.ohio-state.edu/pub/users/ilya/Unicode/pictures/ - perl.unicode

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