Open files by given name and extension and ask for deletion

After a while, a bunch of files asking for cleanup rest in some folders (like 'downloads'). 

This script allows to see whats in a set of 'pattern.extension' files 
(using Linux xdg-open) and asks for deletion (moving to the /tmp 

I leave it here for consideration and improvement. Also, it may be 
helpful to other Perl6 newcomers.

Happy Perl6!

#!/usr/bin/env perl6
use v6;

#| Opens 'pattern.ext' files and asks for deletion. Write 'all' for 
selecting all files.
sub MAIN( $pattern is copy, Str $ext ) {

	$pattern = "" if $pattern eq "all";
	my @files = '.'.IO.dir(test => /.*$pattern.*\.$ext/);

	for @files -> $file {
		my @args = 'xdg-open', $file.basename;
		my $command = run @args;
		$command.exitcode == 0 or die "system @args failed: $!";
		my $delete = prompt("\n \n Delete file $file (s/n) ");
		last if $delete eq "";
		next if $delete ne "s";
		say "mv $file /tmp/$file";
		prompt("\n Press 'return' to continue ");

	@files = '.'.IO.dir(test => /.*$ext$/);
	say "-" x 60;
	for @files -> $file { $file.Str.say }
	say "-" x 60;

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