This Week on perl5-porters (7-13 November 2005)

This Week on perl5-porters - 7-13 November 2005

  This week was really, like David Landgren uses to say, a business
  week. Many short threads, many bug fixes, not all particularly
  earth-shattering, but Perl is even more solid.

Feedback from Last Week's Summary

  About the sort/multicall patch, Robin Houston hushed to say that the
  ability to empty the array while you sort it and still retrieve the
  results has never worked. The point was that Robin added a test for
  this feature, which slipped into the patch sent to the list.

  Steven Schubiger may stop assuming his patch on POD estetics was
  overlooked: Rafael applied it seamlessly.

See perl "say()" (continued)

  Robin Houston argued about a possible implementation of "pp_say", in a
  followup to last week's discussion. Rafael Garcia-Suarez made a few
  points and admitted himself not enthusiastic about adding a new
  keyword to perl, mainly a weak keyword. And things stand still in this


  Steve Peters hitted the undocumented behavior of "print FILEHANDLE"
  which DWIM outputting $_ to the specified filehandle. He also noticed
  some inconsistencies like "print {STDERR}" being a syntax error and
  "B::Deparse" being unprepared for this kind of expressions. Rafael
  Garcia-Suarez said it doesn't look easy to fix without weird

"&=3D" and "m//" Misbehavior

  Anno Siegel reported the bug #37616 in the last week, about a
  malfunction of "&=3D" operator on strings combined with some pattern
  match (mentioned in the previous summary). There ensued some
  discussion where Abigail brought the confirmation that "&=3D" is working
  as documented in perlop.pod, section "Bitwise String Operators". In
  turn, Sadahiro Tomoyuki showed how the issues with simple regexes
  exposed some trouble with handling NUL-terminated strings which
  sometimes are visible at the Perl level and sometimes are just an
  internals thingy. Rafael Garcia-Suarez and Nicholas Clark confessed to
  be bothered by such limitations, which Nicholas thought it could be a
  nice bug to fix and which may lead us to a nice bug fix real soon.

      The discussion of the ticket enters this week

Bad Locales in Mac OS X

  On a followup to ticket #36061, Steve Peters added a change to
  README.macosx about yet another broken locale file, namely eu_ES
  (Basque-Spain). This shows up as test failures in ../lib/locale.t.
  Dominic Dunlop explained these test failures now are being suppressed,
  by skipping the offending locales, avoiding worries to perl builds on
  Mac OS X. Dominic also proposed a throrough update of README.macosx
  which was applied. With the change, Steve Peters also closed ticket
  #35895 which concerned this same locale.

Dying in map, grep, sort

  On RT ticket #24354, Chris Heath provided a rather detailed
  description of how the test cases below cause attempts to free
  unreferenced scalars.

      perl -e 'map die,4 for 3'
      perl -e 'grep die,4 for 3'
      perl -e 'for $a (3) {@b=3Dsort {die} 4,5}'

  The bug had to do with the interaction between how map, grep, sort
  automatically localize certain variables and an odd behavior when
  unwinding context and save stacks due to an exception. Rafael
  Garcia-Suarez applied Chris' patch as change #26027 to bleadperl.

Behave Yourself, "ucfirst"

  Nicholas Clark opened ticket #37628 to tell about his finding
  "ucfirst" can malform UTF-8. Nicholas' inspection of the code revealed
  some bad assumptions about lengths (in UTF-8) and exposed the
  ill-behaved code. He then noticed "lcfirst" had its own bug as well.
  And then he patched the issue(s) with change 26034 and closed the
  ticket, setting a model for a most productive monologue in RT.

Perl on Symbian

  Jarkko Hietaniemi brought the latest of his work on the Symbian port
  of Perl, reaching release 0.4.0 with a lot done on the UI side
  (including improved support to S60 and S80 devices and UIQ).

      First patch
      Second patch

"List::Util" issues

  * "DProf" breaks "shuffle" * Ticket #32383 was opened by Jarkko
  Hietaniemi to report problems while using "DProf" together with
  "List::Util::shuffle". Even though the error message has been
  changing, it was still there. Robin Houston proposed a patch and was
  advised by Graham Barr about the use of "Perl_seed" which was not
  refactored until 5.8.1. Robin pulled together changes in Graham's svn
  repository more PUSH_MULTICALL changes, and after some tweaks, the
  patches were applied, hopefully fixing the issue.

      Rafael shows the actual message by bleadperl

  * Memory Leaks in "first" * Tassilo von Parseval opened ticket #37643
  to say about memory leaks in "List::Util::first". Dave Mitchell
  remembered this issue is already fixed in blead by now.

Code Unification for Cygwin, Win32 and WinCE

  Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wondered about the forked code originally from
  win32/win32.c duplicated in Cygwin module "Win32CORE" and the status
  of "Win32" module, core for Win32 but available for Cygwin only as
  part of the "libwin32" distribution. Yitzchak planned to see these
  converging to a common code, where synchronicity will not be lost
  again. Jan Dubois gave a full account of the differences to be found
  between blead and "libwin32" and noticed that the wince branch also
  copied some of this Win32 code.

  To Jan, the starting point of this unification was the elimination of
  USING_WIDE codebranches that have been unused since the introduction
  of internal UTF8 support for PVs. And, indeed, Jan assembled a patch
  towards this goal of improving maintainability and the sharing with

Cygwin Configure

  Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes and H.Merijn Brand exchanged a rather long
  series of messages while tighting up issues with Configure on Cygwin.
  In the end, it looks more stable now.

Perl on WinCE

  WinCE port of Perl received a little love this week. Vadim Konovalov
  posted a patch to make 5.8.7 compilable for WinCE platform. H.Merijn
  Brand called for a patch against blead first and Vadim promised to do
  just that during this week. Later, he sent in the revised patch and
  Steve Hay explained how some issues that apply to build configuration
  on Win32 and AIX may be needed as well for WinCE.

"DB_File" 1.814

  Dominic Dunlop observed which an old warning on Darwin from
  ext/DB_File/t/db-btree.t could go away for the recent revisions of the
  OS and posted a patch to do that. Paul Marquess took the change to the
  official DB_File with the release of 1.814 and a corresponding patch
  to blead.

      Dominic gets rid of old Darwin warning
      Paul Marquess announces DB_File 1.814

"CPAN" 1.76_65

  Andreas Koenig brought up to version 1.76_65.

"Time::HiRes" 1.82

  Jarkko Hietaniemi has had a busy time with many, many releases of
  "Time::HiRes", eluding porters, smokes and summarizer. I guess by now
  "Time::HiRes" in blead must have reached version 1.82 as the CPAN

Nuking Globals and Stashes

  Robin Houston remembered April 2001 when people talked about nice ways
  to make perl dump by nuking important globals. For example,

      perl -e 'delete $::{"@"}; warn'
      perl -e 'delete $::{"_"}; sub{}->()'

  Back then, Benjamin Sugars proposed a fix still working against blead
  and dying to be applied. Steve Peters had a look, found the related
  ticket #5851, made some changes and got us rid of these core dumps.

      Benjamin Sugars' long-forgotten patch
      Robin Houston ressurects the issue
      Steve Peters closes RT ticket #5851

Perl on EBCDIC

  * "pack('E', $arg)" on perl-5.8.7 * Rajarshi Das posted a notice on
  how "pack('E', $arg)" worked on EBCDIC platforms in perl-5.005_03 and
  it is not supported anymore on perl-5.8.7 and called for an
  alternative. Dave Mitchell and Sadahiro Tomoyuki observed Radarshi's
  perl must be a non-standard modification, since the "E" option is not
  present in the official 5.005_03 distribution. Rajarshi explained the
  'E' is meant to turn ascii string inputs into EBCDIC results. He also
  agreed the extra option was locally introduced and was not available
  as part of the general source. Sadahiro suggested two alternative
  methods: one using the undocumented "utf8::unicode_to_native()" and
  other using "pack('U', $arg)" but warned about issues that may arise
  between the new UTF8 behavior and old scripts.

  * "cond_timedwait" Issues * Mohammad Yaseen found some errors while
  playing with "cond_timedwait" on EBCDIC platform. Yaseen showed the
  issues with an extended test adapted from cond.t and hinted on
  possible causes.

"Storable" Updates

  Gisle Aas posted a patch to restore "Storable" compatibility allowing
  the newer versions to read files written by Storable-0.1. Then Gisle
  sent in another patch with a now documented "read_magic()" function to
  decode image headers and also a "file_magic()" function. Steve Peters
  applied both patches with these new features that come handy for
  dealing with "Storable" on any platform.

      Gisle restores Storable compatibility
      Gisle brings read_magic() to the foreground

Handling Security Advisories

  "Jack" opened bug #37662 to ask what address a security advisory
  regarding perl could be send to. H.Merijn Brand and Abigail advised to
  use the perl5-porters mailing list, discussing here in the open.
  Nicholas Clark, Dave Mitchell, and Andreas Koenig appreciated the
  point of keeping safe sensitive information from end-users, at least
  by the time necessary to fix the problem. Rafael Garcia-Suarez and
  Michael Cummings compared this to the infrastructure for handling
  security advisories by OS vendors.

Playing Games with gcc

  Brendan O'Dea noticed gcc 4 no longer emits "Reading specs from ..."
  but rather "Using built-in specs." and posted an alternate mechanism
  to locate the gcc include directory. H.Merijn Brand wondered in which
  version of gcc the option "--print-libgcc-file-name" used by Brendan
  was introduced, for which Brendan and Abe Timmerman supplied some
  answers. Jason Vas Dias pointed he raised bug #37582 about this with a
  patch accepted as change #26074.

      Steve Peters applies Jason's patch
      Brendan's post

Perl5 Bug Summary

  The open tickets count was at 1528 in Nov 7 14:00 GMT. But this had
  been a frantic week at bug's front: in a rough counting, perl5-porters
  received around 240 messages, in about 100 threads, and only Steve
  Peters closed at least 18 tickets. The next week should inevitably
  start with a lower score at the bugs count.

      Robert Spier and the Bug summary
      Perl RT just now

In Brief

  * Fixing "gmtime" Docs * In RT ticket #35840, Michael Schwern reported
  "gmtime" under 5.8.6, unlike documented, returns 9 rather than 8
  values. perlfunc was fixed with change #26024 by Steve Peters.

  * "File::Glob" and Its Origins * On a followup to bug #37597, Steve
  Peters observed "there have been some changes between the Perl
  "bsd_glob()" and the original OpenBSD glob function where it came
  from." He'll look into merging the OpenBSD changes in soon.

  * perldiag issues * Steve Peters closed RT tickets #3190 and #7543
  about minor perldiag issues.

  * Redefining Sort Subs via "goto" * Steve Peters reported on the
  solution of bug #7579, which concerned core dumps when redefining
  comparison routines via "goto &NAME". After a recent change to
  bleadperl, the behavior we get from now on is saner. And another
  ticked closed.

      ./perl -wle 'sub s1 { goto &s2 } sub s2 { $a cmp $b } print sort
s1 (3, 2, 1)'
      Can't goto subroutine from a sort sub (or similar callback) at -e lin=
e 1.

  *A Surprising Segfault (continued)* In a followup to last week's
  thread, Dave Mitchell added that, like Rafael Garcia-Suarez, he
  believed the nature of the tests being applied to various "pp_*"
  functions may be dubious, which calls for more assertions in code and
  better tests.

  * 5.8.7 on AIX failing "make test" * Sujeet Kulkarni asked for help to
  resolve problems while running "make test" on AIX. Dominic Dunlop
  provided some guesswork and H.Merijn Brand added a few hints regarding
  AIX oddities.

  Panic with Multiple Encodings Steve Peters noticed the reported bug
  was gone with bleadperl. The above command does not panic anymore.

      perl -Ilib -Mencoding=3Diso-8859-1 -wle'binmode STDOUT,
          ":encoding(iso-8859-1)" or die "binmode:$!";
          print "\xe1", "\n";'
      "\x{128a}" does not map to iso-8859-1 at -e line 1.

  * "" vs Other Long-Forgotten Patches * Rafael applied a patch by
  Ilya Zakharevich to give more meaningful error messages from
  when invoked with a condition in list context. Ilya greeted the
  change, as he was afraid of that taking the route of tens of other
  patches waiting forever.

  * Silencing "ExtUtils" Tests * Dominic Dunlop posted a patch to
  supress some leaked warnings in "ExtUtils" tests which was applied by
  Rafael Garcia-Suarez. It seemed like these tests waited long enough
  for Schwern's touch after behavior change of "cmp_ok" in "Test::More".

  * 5.6.1 Install/Compile on Solaris 8 * Steve Peters urged for more
  information in diagnosing bug #9727. Andy Dougherty explained it had
  to with the output by newer gcc's, mentioned a short-term fix and
  confirmed perl 5.8.x handles this just fine. To Andy, it is a ticket
  to be closed.

  * Crashes in Multithreaded Server * Zefram opened ticket #37652 to
  tell about crashes in a multithreaded server which may result in
  terminating or locking up the application. He posted a test program to
  reproduce the issue and stack traces obtained with gdb. Currently

  * and $COMPILING * Dan Tierra noticed the English name for
  $^C, namely $COMPILING, does not get exported when doing "use English
  qw(-no_match_vars);". Steve Peters added the variable to the list of
  exports with change #26080.

  * "OTHERLDFLAGS" in "ExtUtils::MakeMaker" * Steve Peters replied bug
  #37433 which concerns a patch to MakeMaker. Fearful of accidental
  breaking "ExtUtils::MakeMaker", he announced the patch was sent off to queue.

  * "PERLIO_DEBUG" Patch * Peter Dintelmann found that setting the
  environment variable "PERLIO_DEBUG" as described in perlapio.pod could
  result in segfaults and proposed a patch, applied to blead as change

  * "binmode H, ":pop"" Patch * Peter 'Segfault-Killer' Dintelmann, in
  ticket #37557, showed how calling "binmode()" after popping the last
  IO layer results in a segfault and proposed a patch, applied as change

  *Andy's Const & Local Mission* Andy Lester went on with his tireless
  mission of bringing consting and localizing goodness to Perl source

  *mathoms on VMS* John E. Malmberg posted a patch to add a compile rule
  which is needed for VMS to compile mathoms.c. He also inquired on a
  few things that need to be resolved in order to allow blead to build
  on VMS.

  *Mathoms with Proper Prototypes* Andy Lester noticed the mathoms
  functions weren't using proper prototypes, causing gcc to complain.
  Steve Peters applied Andy's fix as change #26099.

  *blead@26091 on VMS* Abe Timmerman posted the results of blead
  snapshot @26091 on VMS. No feedback yet.

  * "abs2rel("/foo/bar", "/foo/bar")" * David Golden recently reported
  problems in "Path::Class" which Ken Williams traced to an odd behavior
  in "File::Spec": "abs2rel("/foo/bar", "/foo/bar")" returns the empty
  string rather than "." or something sensible. Before fixing it, Ken
  asked what are the likely issues.

  *Extending the stack inside ops* Nicholas Clark found an apparent
  problem which could mean that extending the stack while inside ops
  would be a bad thing. Dave Mitchell explained the applicable rule,
  namely, it's the responsibility of the things doing the call to push a
  new stack. So Nicholas made the appropriate change for the case in
  question and called for feedback on the way he did it.

  *Localizing Shared Variables* "dean" noticed that localizing variables
  bound to shared variables can cause the shared variable to become
  undefined and provided tests to make his point. No one answered so

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