This Week on perl5-porters (3-9 May 2004)

This Week on perl5-porters (3-9 May 2004)
  On the menu of the P5P summary this week, you will find language
  constructions, segmentation faults, proposals for new tied methods,
  pronunciation issues, and (in fine) a few bugs.

More on "last"
  Continuing a thread from last week about the "last" statement used to
  exit an eval() block: "last" and "next", when used to exit from a
  subroutine, not only exit, but also branch to the specified loop/label
  of the caller. This is definitively a feature, since (as Tim Bunce
  remarked) Test::More::skip() uses this, and (as Hugo van der Sanden
  pointed out), Apocalypse 12 uses this to define method lookup

"open" pragma segfault
  Tomasz Pala reports (bug #29437) a case of recursion in perl's character
  encoding routines, which obviously (once diagnosed) leads to stack
  recursion and to segmentation fault. The sample code involves somehow
  the "open" pragma.

Truncation of tied filehandles
  Dan Boorstein proposed a patch against bleadperl to add a TRUNCATE
  method to tied filehandles. Tassilo von Parsval commented that this new
  method should probably be made optional, for simplicity and

More pack() work
  Marcus Holland-Moritz, who implemented a couple of weeks ago new
  modifiers ("<" and ">") for pack() templates, added a way to group these
  with parentheses.

Weak references problems in 5.8.4
  Stas Bekman reported that Scalar::Util::weaken() (used to make weak
  references) has new problems in perl 5.8.4 (as it attempts to free
  unreferenced scalars, unveiling a deeper malfunction.) As those problems
  don't appear in bleadperl, Dave Mitchell does some investigation about
  the patches which caused it, and proposes a solution -- a patch from
  blead to integrate in maint.

How do you say "!~"?
  Yitzchak noticed that using "!~" on an uninitialized value reports the
  warning as having occured in a "not" operation, which is not exactly the
  case, and proposed to change the message; which raised the question,
  what is actually the name of the "!~" operator?

In Brief
  Dan Dascalescu reported (bug #29346) that passing an undefined argument
  to the int() or abs() built-ins produces the "Use of uninitialized
  value" twice. Another history of magic handled twice.

  H. Merijn Brand is back on Cygwin smokes. This time, there were some
  IPC::SysV failures; Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes pointed out that a service
  needs to be started on Cygwin to make them work.

  David Muir Sharnoff reported that Scalar::Util::refaddr() (a function
  that returns the memory address of the reference it gets passed) doesn't
  work when magic is somehow involved (bug #29395). Marcus fixed this.

About this summary
  This summary was written by Rafael Garcia-Suarez. Weekly summaries are
  published on and posted on a mailing list, which
  subscription address is Comments and
  corrections welcome.
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