Re: [perl #38920] Filter::Simple error messages getting mangled inside require

Father Chrysostomos wrote:
>It seems far too easy for filters to make that mistake, so $@ should be
>localised. But should the core do it, or should Filter::Util::Call do it?

The core should localise it, to match the treatment of BEGIN blocks.
Fixed in commit b6f3718f1b3218256c962a8f46e747048228d196.

It's tricky to test.  Filter::Util::Call is a cpan/ distro with its own
tests, and there's not much access otherwise to filtering from pure Perl.
But I found that hook subroutines in @INC are also affected by this
problem, though differently, so I put in a test that uses that mechanism.

11/13/2017 1:43:35 PM
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