Re: [perl #112916] please enhance 'use' and "use parent" to use 'base's modfind ability


as the author of, I think that some historical context will be 
beneficial. Most of this can be found by using Google or another search 
engine with the appropriate search terms. Please read these links to 
familiarize yourself with the reasons why is as it is, and why exists:

Also, a short description of some situations where fails to load 
a file when you touch a namespace in the wrong place:

I also gave a talk at the German Perl Workshop on the problems with Unfortunately it's in German only, but maybe Babelfish gives 
you an amusing translation [1].

 >    Are you sure use 'base' will not load classes if you've referenced 
 > a var from the class, or is it smart enough to look for previous
 > definitions of code?
You could look at the code of to clear that question. The code 
is surprisingly long for something that is documented as basically being 
five lines.

 > But can anyone think of any systems or subsystems in computer
 > science where the default
 > is to ignore in-memory copies of them in preference for searching
 > on disk?
What does "computer science" have to do with the topic here? Please 
consider that you are talking in a bug report/feature request, and 
appeal to general ideas of "computer science" need to be justified as in 
how they relate to the bug at hand. Consider for example at the 
Perl-built-in "sysread", which does not use any buffering but asks the 
operating system to load data from disk.

"Caching at every level" is not the motto of Perl.

 > So why is perl backwards from what would seem to be the norm?
 > [...]
 > Of course this presumes correct implementation of checking that
 > a class's code is in memory, and not just data.
Please familiarize yourself with the problems that has, to see 
why changes to the API of just won't happen. All the arguments 
about maintaining backwards compatibility have already been made and I 
don't want to repeat them.


5/19/2012 7:30:48 AM
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