RE: [ID 19991025.007] Build Issues with perl5.005.2 on AIX 4.3.2. 0

I know but you have a link from there and those of us that work with gcc and
other GNU tools tend to use it as a base page. Just a suggestion anyway

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4.3.2. 0

Bob French writes:
 > People,
 > Let me take a bow here, I was rushed and just grabbed
 > the version that was on the gnu page instead of going to CPAN and
 > out the README I usually do.
 > If anything I would suggest that the link on the GNU page just point you
 > the perl source dir on CPAN and leave it to the user to get the right

We be no GNU.

Though Perl is sometimes mistakenly said to be "GNUware", it isn't.

 > version. The way it looks now you would think that 5.005_02 is the
 > latest.
 > Anyway I've got 5.005_03 and I'll build it this evening
 > Thanks
 > -Bob French
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 > Subject: Re: [ID 19991025.007] Build Issues with perl5.005.2 on AIX
 > M.J.T. Guy [] quoth:
 > *>
 > *>The simplest fix would be if the README on CPAN/src contained somewhere
 > *>prominent the words "Latest is 5.005_03".   And if this info was
 > *>automatically updated when the "latest" changes, of course.
 > The people would might need that probably are the same crowd that don't
 > read README's. Also, on the top of is a banner saying 
 > " Perl Versions: Stable is 5.005_03.  Devel is 5.005_62. "
 > If people care to look, I think the information is there...unless I
 > something here.
 > e. 

$jhi++; #
        # There is this special biologist word we use for 'stable'.
        # It is 'dead'. -- Jack Cohen
10/27/1999 10:10:52 PM
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This makes me wonder if the GNU folks have stale releases, how many other
sites do too. Perhaps it should be noted either in the readme or in
Configure that if you didn't get the source from CPAN or that you
might not have the latest stable release. 

Just a thought.

10/28/1999 12:03:50 AM