Perl 7 -- 'use strict' and oneliners


I hope this is an appropriate question for this forum; please excuse me
if not.

I watched the Perl 7 talk from Sawyer X and was wondering what those
behind the Perl 7 initiative have in mind for usage of perl oneliners at
the command line.

Specifically, while 'use strict' is a desirable default for scripts, it
would probably be an unwieldly default for oneliners, making them harder
to read and write for little benefit.

On the other hand. it would be unfortunate if for oneliners it's
expected that people will continue to use perl5, because oneliners
benefit from having things like 'say' turned on by default (and without
having to remember -E).

Would be grateful to hear about the thinking in this area.  It was
several years after I first learned some perl for scripting that I
learned how to use things like -n, -p etc., and not coincidentally this
was when I became a real fan of the language.

Thank you to everyone thinking hard about moving Perl forward!

Sean Whitton
6/25/2020 7:29:19 PM
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