It's time for Release Candidates for 5.30

Here are all the pending issues.

First blockers,

Tony has a patch that he's planning to apply today

This turns out to caused by a bug in pow() on Free BSD.  The distro knew 
something was wrong and wrote a work around that depended on faulty 
string to number conversion that we have now fixed.  There is some less 
than ideal code in the distro that could be easily changed that 
immunizes it against this bug.  The original author of the distro told 
me it shouldn't be a blocker.  I have filed a ticket against Free BSD
and the distro itself
In any event, there's nothing for perl to do, unless we want to write 
our own pow() for integer inputs, which doesn't feel right to me.  So 
this ticket should be removed from the blockers list

I have a patch that could be applied.  But these undefined behaviors are 
not new in 5.29.  We either apply the patch (just the first one of two, 
I think) or we remove it from the blockers list.

Again I have a patch, that I've tested on Tony Cook's machine, but it 
doesn't fail there even without the patch.  This ticket has been 
deferred before, so it can be deferred again.  Either apply the patch or 
remove from the blockers list.

Thus all four blockers have been dealt with, or could be dealt with 

Then the other potential issues.

Unicode 12.1 was released yesterday with no changes from what we have in 

cpan/Win32.c has a fix to #include a missing hdr which prevents it from 
compiling on cygwin with g++.  We could take this, or defer it.

There's a missing cast in locale.c which causes it not to compile on 
early gcc.
This is trivial to fix, or it could wait

I believe the project was harmed last year by the late release of 5.28. 
And I don't want that to happen again.  We're at the point where we 
should be making a couple final decisions and then making RCs.
5/8/2019 6:12:30 PM
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