Patch for DBI 1.34 Driver.xst - needed by DBD::Informix 2003.0x

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I've had multiple reports of problems compiling DBD::Informix 2003.03.*
and 2003.04, on both Linux and Solaris, and the problem turns out to be
in the DBI 1.34 code in Driver.xst for handling data_sources (which is
still my fault - mostly).  Newer versions of GCC (eg 3.2.1 - as found on
my machine) are mostly C-99 compliant and accept variable declarations
part way through a block of code; older versions of GCC (eg 2.9x) do not
accept this, and neither do the Sun C Compilers.  And the generated code
for data_sources from Driver.xst as found in DBI 1.34 gets a variable
declared after some executable code (thanks to Boban for sending the
Informix.c file that demonstrated the problem).

    /* Example of the problem */
    int function(void)
        int i;
        i = 3;
        int j = i + 1;  /* OK in GCC 3.2.1 and C-99 - and C++ */
        return (j);

The attachment is a patch for Driver.xst from DBI 1.34.  It puts the
variable declarations at the start of a block (by introducing a new
block) and annotates why.

With luck, this means that DBD::Informix v2003.03.* and v2003.04 will
compile OK with the amended template file.

Jonathan Leffler                           #include <disclaimer.h>
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3/6/2003 7:16:04 PM
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address fails.  After applying your DBI 1.34 path, I can get 2003:04 to 
compile on Solaris.   Here's a recap (sorry for also posting to your human 
address) of ItWorks.  As noted below, uses a 
'connect_quietly' method, which isn't found.  I 'use'-ed TestHarness and 
changed it to "connect_to_test_database" and that works.  Did 
connect_quietly go away in 2003?


# DBI->connect('dbi:Informix:stores', '', '');
#  Connect Attribute: ChopBlanks => 1
    <DBD_INFORMIX>    2003.04 </DBD_INFORMIX>
    <DBI>             1.34                                         </DBI>
    <PERL>            5.006001 i86pc-solaris dl_dlopen.xs          </PERL>
    <SYSTEM>          sunos wiwbei 5.7 generic_106542-15 i86pc i386 i86pc 
    <SYS_COMPILER>    cc 2.95.3 20010315 (release) (gcc as 'cc') 
    <SYS_LOADER>      cc    (gcc as 'cc') </SYS_LOADER>
    <WHEN>            2003-03-08                                   </WHEN>
    <WHO>             Super-User <root@wiwbei.wiwb.circ7.dcn>      </WHO>
    <Z_NOTES>         Optional Notes 

address fails.  After applying your DBI 1.34 patch, it works!

In order to get ItWorks to work, I had to modify 
DBD::Informix::TechSupport to remove the (line 219)
my ($dbh) = &connect_quietly();

What I did was add:
use DBD::Informix::TestHarness;
to ItWorks and change the connect_quietly to:
my ($dbh) = &connect_to_test_database();




Andy Bach, Sys. Mangler
VOICE: (608) 261-5738  FAX 264-5030

"If you don't say anything, you won't be called on to repeat it" 
Calvin Coolidge
3/8/2003 8:44:16 PM

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