ANNOUNCE Raku modules Date::Calendar::Strftime and Date::Calendar::CopticEthiopic

Yesterday, I have released to CPAN6 the version 0.0.1 of
Date::Calendar::CopticEthiopic which implements the Coptic calendar
and the Ethiopic calendar and the version 0.0.2 of

New features for strftime :
-- Week-related attributes, which produces a "ISO date" such
as "2019-W49-4".
-- It it more or less possible to use strftime on objects from the
core class Date: OK for numeric attributes, but no alphabetic names
nor abbreviations.

And already a bug:
Through a late-minute update, a wrong URL was stored in META6.json.
Therefore, the test suite fails. Installation is possible with

Fixed in Github, but I  will wait a few days to release a new CPAN6
version, in case other problems are found and fixed.

Thank you for your attention,

Jean Forget
JFORGET at cpan dot org
12/5/2019 6:19:37 AM
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