ANNOUNCE Perl 6 module Date::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary (and Strftime)

Today, octidi 18 Brumaire CCXXVIII, jour de la Dentelaire,
also the 220th anniversary of Bonaparte's coup:

I have published on CPAN the version 0.0.3 of my Perl 6 / Raku module
dealing with the French Revolutionary calendar and the version 0.0.1
of the utility module providing a "strftime" method for this calendar
and (hopefully) others. See:


-- The astronomical class is based on "Calendrical Calculations" 4th
edition and its companion program "calendar.l", no longer with the 3rd
edition of the book and the program "".

-- Better parameter checking when creating a date.

-- Of course, a "strftime" method.

To do:

-- Better error processing when parsing the format string used by strftime.
-- Adapt Date::Calendar::Hebrew to use "strftime".
-- Create other calendar modules.

Jean Forget
11/8/2019 6:25:20 AM
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