How to get Date and Time value in a variable

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Hi all,

I thought getting the date would be like how it's in a shell script `date` but it does not seem to be working.  Could someone please advise me on this I tried searching archives on "date" but didn't get anything useful.  It's possible I'm looking in the wrong place.

Thanks in advance

6/12/2002 5:46:32 PM
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On Jun 12, Leila Lappin said:

>I thought getting the date would be like how it's in a shell script
>`date` but it does not seem to be working.  Could someone please advise
>me on this I tried searching archives on "date" but didn't get anything
>useful.  It's possible I'm looking in the wrong place.

Don't use the shell.  Perl provides you with the localtime() and
time() functions.

  perldoc -f localtime
  perldoc -f time

Perhaps if you tell us what format you want the date and time in, we could
be of more service.  But even before you ask us that, I direct your
attention to the POSIX::strftime() function, which takes a format string
similar to the /usr/bin/date program.

  perldoc POSIX
  man strftime

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6/12/2002 2:45:58 PM
on Wed, 12 Jun 2002 17:46:32 GMT, (Leila
Lappin) wrote: 

> please advise me on this I tried searching archives on "date" but
> didn't get anything useful.  It's possible I'm looking in the
> wrong place. 


    	perldoc -f localtime

6/12/2002 2:48:02 PM
On Wednesday, June 12, 2002, at 10:46 , Leila Lappin wrote:
> I thought getting the date would be like how it's in a shell script `date`
>  but it does not seem to be working.  Could someone please advise me on 
> this I tried searching archives on "date" but didn't get anything useful.
>   It's possible I'm looking in the wrong place.

there are possibly two issues here - the first suite I
believe have already been answered with the standards,
although I must add

	perldoc Time::localtime

if you are more 'oo' in your approach.

The second problem is whether or not you were doing one of the
classic 'cut over to perl' issues of how do I invoke an external
shell command a la

	vladimir: 61:] sh
	$ DTG=`date`
	$ echo $DTG
	Wed Jun 12 08:53:16 PDT 2002
	$ perl -e 'my $DTG =`date` ; print $DTG'
	Wed Jun 12 08:54:23 PDT 2002

you will note that in the 'command line' version of 'perl -e'
I have done what many would consider 'overkill' since I have

	my $DTG = `date`;

since of course as you grow more accustom to doing things in
perl you will of course want to use strict and the '-w' flag.

but what you mostly want is really

	$ perl -e 'my $DTG=localtime() ; print "$DTG\n";'
	Wed Jun 12 09:00:01 2002
	$ perl -MTime::localtime -e 'my $now = ctime(); print "$now\n";'
	Wed Jun 12 09:04:34 2002




6/12/2002 4:05:29 PM

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