How do you create a Hyperlink field in an MS Access table?

I'm using Perl DBI to create a table in an MS Access database.  No problem 
with that.  However, I can't figure out how to create a field in that table 
whose data type is "Hyperlink".

In the course of investigating the problem, I manually created a table in 
which one of the fields was set to the Hyperlink data type, then used DBI 
type_info() to see what data type DBI interpreted that field as having.  It 
came back showing the field to be a LONGCHAR field.

So, going back to my problem, I assume that in creating a new MS Access 
table, if I want to create a field whose data type is Hyperlink, I must 
actually create a LONGCHAR field, then set some additional field 
attribute/property (dbHyperlink?) so that the contents of the field are 
treated as a Hyperlink.

But how?  Might this involve using some other module--a Win32 or some OLE 

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6/21/2001 5:57:44 PM
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