"File" to "File$date"


Thanks for all your answers!

From all, I combinded the perfext solution:

rename("test.txt", "test" . &heute() . ".txt");

sub heute {
return (localtime(time))[3] . (localtime(time))[4] . =

Thanks ;)

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Gesendet: Samstag, 14. September 2002 15:21
An: Perl beginners
Betreff: Re: AW: Rename "File" to "File$date"

On Sat, 14 Sep 2002, Sudarshan Raghavan wrote:

> #!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
> use strict;
> # The -w flag on the shebang line is one way to enable warnings, you
> # can also do it by a use warnings; at the start of your code.=20
> # Also note the use strict; The reason I am emphasising on this is
> # that this will point out some basic errors that will help you in=20
> # your learning.
> my ($day, $mon, $year) =3D (localtime)[3,4,5];
> # Type perldoc -f localtime on your prompt and read through the doc
> $mon++;
> $year +=3D 1900;
> while (<*.txt>) {
>     # This will loop through all *.txt files in your cwd.
>     # perldoc -f glob and perldoc File::Glob
>     (my $new_name =3D $_) =3D~ =

My bad, the same sprintf for every file. You can move the sprint above =
loop like this.

my $date_str =3D sprintf("%d%02d%d",$day,$mon,$year);
while (<*.txt>) {
   (my $new_name =3D $_) =3D~ s/\.txt$/${date_str}.txt/;
   rename ($_, $new_name);

>     # This regex replaces the '.txt' part of your filename into =
>     # form. perldoc perlretut, perldoc perlre, perldoc -f sprintf=20
>    =20
>     rename ($_, $new_name);
>     # perldoc -f rename
> }

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9/13/2002 10:01:10 AM
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Andreas Kauffmann wrote:

> Okay...
> Thanks for all your answers!
> From all, I combinded the perfext solution:
> rename("test.txt", "test" . &heute() . ".txt");
> sub heute {
> return (localtime(time))[3] . (localtime(time))[4] . ((localtime(time))[5]
> 1900);
> }

three seperate localtime() calls could be bad. consider if you run your 
script at the end of the month midnight just before the clock flipping to 
the first day of the next month, your first localtime function will give 
you that day, but your next localtime function will give you next month. 
you should combine the localtime functions into a single call

9/13/2002 6:47:47 PM
On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, Kauffmann, Andreas wrote:

> Okay...
> Thanks for all your answers!
> >From all, I combinded the perfext solution:
> rename("test.txt", "test" . &heute() . ".txt");
> sub heute {
> return (localtime(time))[3] . (localtime(time))[4] . ((localtime(time))[5]
> 1900);
> }

1) Why do you want to make 3 different calls to localtime, just the one 
would do.

2) You don't have to call localtime(time), just a localtime() would do.
Be default localtime uses the current time i.e. this is evaluated
as localtime(time)

3) Do you want to do this for only one file or for multiple files in the 

9/14/2002 1:59:17 PM

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