SuSE 12.1: nouveau - Install flashes screen black every 10 seconds

Just installed 12.1 last week, and the one install problem I had was the
nouveau (open source NVidia) / kernel mode feature that's being forced
on everyone with an NVidia card.  

Installation came up and worked, but the screen flashed black briefly
(~1/10th of a second) every 10 seconds throughout the whole
installation.  Very annoying.

After installation, once I installed the NVidia driver (disabling
nouveau) that problem went away.

GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX560 Ti 448 cores

(As an aside, when I installed Ubuntu 11.10, their install [with
default options] wouldn't even come up because of nouveau.  A modprobe
core dumps on startup with signal 9 in nouveau.  Forcing nomodeset on
the install kernel works around that.)

Other than that, have only had one significant issue with SuSE 12.1
(KDE-related) which I'll post separately about.  By and large has been
very stable and I've been otherwise pleased with it.  Would just highly
suggest that we stop hoisting this nouveau thing on NVidia GPU users
unless you "know" that the specific GPU installed is supported very,
very well.


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Not sure what the issue is here. Nouveau wasn't "forced on you", there
needs to be some default driver for NVIDIA cards and the nv driver once
used for that purpose is no longer maintained, I think. I no longer use
NVIDIA cards but did until some time last year and found the Nouveau
drivers quite impressive: so much so that I didn't bother in 11.3 to
install the proprietary drivers as Nouveau did the job perfectly well
(and I use dual monitors, plenty of Kwin effects, and do plenty of
graphics-intensive work). 
Now of course it all depends on what NVIDIA card you use. I was lucky
perhaps with a 9600GT, and I've had less positive experiences with other
NVIDIA cards. But if the worst that happens is the "blackouts" that you
experienced, and given the abundance of guidance given here and
elsewhere on how to install NVIDIA's closed source drivers in different
ways, I don't think there's a real issue. Yes, in an ideal world Nouveau
would support all NVIDIA cards equally well but then they're
reverse-engineering the drivers with no help whatsoever from NVIDIA.
Welcome to the world of open source!


-Desk:- openSUSE 11.4, KDE4.6, Intel i3, 8Gb, Kingston 64Gb SSD, 2
SATA, dual monitors.
-Lap:- Toshiba Satellite L300, openSUSE 11.4, KDE4.6, Intel C2D 2.1GHz
CPU, 4Gb, Intel X3100 video.
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