Is 11.1 Installation Guide Identical For 11.2 ?

openSUSE Forums > New User How To/FAQ (read only)
is a treasure of information and external references.
It tells us how to get ready to install and how to
install openSUSE-11.1
Thanks from all of us slow learners to oldcpu for a
job well done.
Are there any significant changes to this material
which we'll need to know to prepare to install
openSUSE-11.2 ?


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3bitsShortOfaByte;2062213 Wrote: 
> openSUSE Forums > New User How To/FAQ (read only)is a treasure of
> information and external references.  It tells us how to get ready to
> install and how to  install openSUSE-11.1
> Thanks from all of us slow learners to oldcpu for a job well done. Are
> there any significant changes to this material which we'll need to know
> to prepare to install openSUSE-11.2 ?

I've started updating the Installation stickie for 11.2, dividing it
into two parts (to make my work easier next time for 11.3, 12.0 ... etc
... ) :
- generic: 'NEW Users - openSuse Pre-install (general) – PLEASE
  READ - openSUSE Forums' (
- 11.2 specific: 'NEW Users - Suse-11.2 Pre-installation –
  PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums' (
  ... as you can see the 11.2 specific is still being populated, with old
11.1 links.

A big change (for some of us) in the installation is there is no longer
an option for the KDE3 desktop.

For more control over the installation, I still recommend users
deselect "Use Automatic Configuration", although if one has a VERY basic
PC setup on the hard drive, that is not necessary.

There is now an option (much easier than under 11.1) for installation
from USB key (although I find installation from DVD is quicker).

Note the recommendation for backups (not just data, but also selected
configuration files) when going from one openSUSE version to another:

Possibly the biggest (and first) changes you may note is the default
file system format is now ext4 and not ext3.  Also, there is no longer
the need for an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file for most users, and hence that
file will not be evident after an install.  I'm still trying to wrap my
head around what that means, in terms of dual head/clone operation with
an external projector (ie does it mean use of xrandr with openGL
drivers, and use of aticonfig for ATI proprietary graphic drivers)?

We are a support forum, not a developers forum, so we tend to lag a bit
in our advice when a new openSUSE version "hits the street".

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