VirtualBox screen size

If you are into virtualization with Sun xVM VirtualBox, there's a great
new simple solution to setting the guest virtual machine's screen size/
resolution - since the release of VirtualBox version 1.6.2.

It's a new VBoxManage command, explained in the Help Contents/ User
Manual at section 9.12 under the heading "Configuring the maximum
resolution of guests when using the graphical frontend".

As the default screen resolution option was unsatisfactory for me, I
found by trial and error that the perfect resolution for a Guest on my
Host's desktop (with a 19 inch LCD) is 1272 x 920. So in my HOST
system, I shut down VirtualBox, then opened a terminal and typed:

VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/MaxGuestResolution 1272,920

This worked perfectly. Now when I run any guest machine in Virtualbox,
the guest immediately opens to my desired screen size (1272x920) and it
works consistently time after time. You can set any screen size you want
this way. Absolutely no adjustments are required inside the guest
machine's settings.


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Thanks, great tip. Now don't issue this command as root, you'll
lock yourself out of VB. If that's happened just issue the
following command as root:

rm -r /tmp/.vbox-user-ipc/

where user is your username, after that VB will start as normal.

If you have problems getting usb to work in 1.6.2 on 11.0RC1,
I've found this to work:

put this line in your /etc/fstab

usbfs  /proc/bus/usb  usbfs   devmode=0664,devgid=1000 0 0

and comment out the existing usbfs line.

This won't automount usbfs so you'll have to mount it in a
terminal, as root just type 

mount usbfs

Now it may happen that you have already run VB one or more
times in your session, if that's the case just run this
command again, but now you don't need to be root:

rm -r /tmp/.vbox-user-ipc/

Now usb will hopefully work.

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