is there any pdf text highlighter available for linux?

i am using opensuse 11.2.
i downloaded couple of books from and wanted to highlight some
text to make notes.
is there any application for linux available to highlight and bookmark
text in pdf?


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autofocus wrote:
> is there any application for linux available to highlight and bookmark
> text in pdf?

the way you ask the question leads me to think you know of such an app
for some other operating system(s)...if so, you can try going to these
sites and search using the name of that known app in the other systems:

or, say that app is named "PDF_Highlighter" then try something like

or, say you don't know the name of that other system app, then try a
normal search with something like this:

but, i'm sure you tried that already, right?

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Thanks for reply

yes i was using foxit pdf for windows.

i have already tried searching web and came across 

'Xournal' (

some of the other links i visited for my search of pdf highlighter

'Comments, annotation, highlight on pdf file - Ubuntu Forums'

'Linux Notes: PDF Viewer with Text Highlighting'

' :: GNU PDF to fill missing gap in functionality'

'Main Page - GNUpdf' (

'highlighting in linux'

'Linux PDF editor for manipulating PDF documents'

'Foxit Reader with wine - Ubuntu Forums'

'Frank's Corner, Running Windows applications and games on
Linux/title>' (

after going through above info i will try foxit with wine tomorrow.

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4/23/2010 6:26:02 AM
If you use a Wacom or similar then I would recommend you "Jarnal" a Java
based program that offers various types of highlighters and also a group
work functionality. You can find it in the regular repositories.

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4/23/2010 6:26:02 AM
Okular; the highlighting is saved separately - so you have to save the
PDF with a new name to include the highlighting.

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4/23/2010 7:56:01 AM
john_hudson;2156360 Wrote: 
> Okular; the highlighting is saved separately - so you have to save the
> PDF with a new name to include the highlighting.

Good that you mention it, in Jarnal it is the same. I think it is
unavoidable as it is the conversion of a text into a picture.

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4/23/2010 7:36:01 PM

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