Driver for Intel ICH6 PATA?

This is related to the PXE Linux initrd config:

We have issues with a new laptop - the hard drive controller (ICH6 I 
think) is not recognised. When you run 'img ih' it says "Intel Corporation 
Unknown device 0x2653".

The HDD is PATA, and mounts as /dev/hdc. The problem is that it operates 
VERY S L O W L Y. A restore operation that takes 15 mins on another laptop 
might take 60 mins.

The HDD does not have DMA enabled, and hdparm -d1 /dev/hdc says that DMA 
cannot be enabled. There are no settings in the BIOS that seem relevant 
apart from a "32-bit" setting, which makes no difference.

Have you seen this?
Where might I find a driver to solve this?


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