Middle Tier - ISAPI Filter Not Authorised

We are experiencing a strange issue with two of our Middle Tier Servers,
these are new built but both have the same issue.  When clients
authenticate across the servers the Middle Tier authentication fails at
the server end with a IIS error.

HTTP Error 401.4: Unauthorized: Auhtorization failed by filter

This occurs when the client reboots and authentication takes place,
Middle Tier then fails.

Any suggestions or ideas appreciated.


3/19/2008 12:56:02 PM
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Now that I am able to read myapps.html (with the help of Shaun) through the middle tier, I am trying to install Office 2000 with a msi. It runs fine with a machine with the client installed not going through the middle tier but when the machine just has the agent (dated 9-19-03) it does not work. I have recreated the application object using UNC path using server name and with IP address of the server. Keep getting error MSI returned error code 1612. Only TID from Novell is to use agent dated after 7-03 but that did not fix the problem. Microsoft has MSI error code 1612 as a problem acces...

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