HELP! - Application creation problems

I'm using ZENworks for Desktops 4.01. I continously have issues either

creating Application Packages. Or, if I"m lucky enough to create one, 

being able to  create the objects I want to associate with them. while
*.fil file that bombs changes from one package to another, the
is a common error I get:

File copy error! Source File =
Destination File = \\ZW_SERVER\DATA\ZEN_Applications\RegUpdate\18.fil.

Press to Ignore to skip. Retry to copy the file again.

OR if trying to create an Object association with an Application:

Error Message
An attempt was made to add an object at the same level as a
object fo the same name but not necessarily the same class. An error 
occured reading the data from NDS. Some data may abe incorrect or 

I run into relatively frequently. Are there updates to ZEN available
I'm not aware of. So far I'm kind of disappointed with ZEN. If it's 
something I'm doing, please enlighten me. I really want this to work.



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