Schema problem with ZCM 10.3 update - please see TID 7005581 - ZCM 10.3 Update hangs for a long time running system update


Shaun Pond

4/1/2010 3:42:10 PM
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Seems to imply that if you are setting up a new system you are okay?

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4/1/2010 8:26:02 PM
The known issues for why it was pulled have to deal with Upgrades.

The 10.3.0 ISO is not being pulled at this time nor is that expected to 

Fresh installs should be fine.

On 4/1/2010 4:26 PM, kjhurni wrote:
> Seems to imply that if you are setting up a new system you are okay?

4/1/2010 8:54:12 PM
Which database products does this affect?  Sybase, MSSQL and Oracle?

Joel Erickson
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4/1/2010 9:36:03 PM
craig_wilson;1956664 Wrote: 
> The known issues for why it was pulled have to deal with Upgrades.
> The 10.3.0 ISO is not being pulled at this time nor is that expected
> to
> happen.
> Fresh installs should be fine.
> On 4/1/2010 4:26 PM, kjhurni wrote:
> >
> > Seems to imply that if you are setting up a new system you are okay?
> >
> >

Thanks Craig.  I thought as much but wanted to be doubly sure

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4/2/2010 1:56:02 PM
Btw. TID Shaun pointed to is just updated! =)

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4/2/2010 5:16:03 PM
Hopefully lessons learned :)

'YouTube - carrie underwood - lessons learned'


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4/2/2010 5:36:02 PM

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update 10.3.3 to 10.3.4
I have zcm 10.3.4 on the servers, rolling out the update to the devices (windows XP pro). Some of the computer stay in a pending status. I checked the system update log on some of the computers and it says this. DEBUG;Running Pre-Install Commands;; DEBUG;Getting content for PRE_INSTALL steps of update;; DEBUG;Unable to get assigned update commands; nested exception is: com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.exceptions.ObjectNotFoundException: 3049ff63b0fce241af8bb55c908a4ac9;; DEBUG; at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.ReadResponse(SoapClient Message message, WebRespo...

Update 10.3.2 to 10.3.3 on primary server (sles 10) fails?
we tried to upgrade from 10.3.2 to 10.3.3 on the primary server first (Sles 10 SP3). Although the deployment stage reported success - the server shows still 10.3.2 for ZCM, ZAM und ZPM. we then tried to deploy 10.3.3 for one win7 sp1 workstation - with success. so, what can be done to bring the primary server to 10.3.3 or is it just showing the wrong version? Thanks for any help Andrej Hi! I've same here -- "Update for ZCM (10.3.3) - Update Completed", but server (SLES 11) show via ZCC 10.2.2. All updated WS's show 10.3.3. But, I have "slight"...

Update from 10.3.1 to 10.3.3 with configuration console fail
Having problem with w2k3 with zcm 10.3.1. Update fail. It got stuck at 0 % .. When we first update it crash the server and we reboot and try to the update. Any advice would be greatful. -- sl0000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ sl0000, It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to your posting. That concerns us, and has triggered this automated reply. Has your problem been resolved? If not, you might try one of the following options: - Visit and search the knowledgebase ...

10.0.3 to Agent
This may have been briefly discussed but I figured that I'd throw my 2 cents worth in. Okay, I've had a number of my machines get the update to and it's been running much better for me except for a couple of minor issues. One thing that I noticed though that the most recent of my installs weren't getting the patch. These are the machines that were originally installed with 10.0.3. I started looking into the problem and did a clean 10.0.3 install on a VM. To my dismay, the ZENupdater module was completely missing. No .dll, no .exe, nothing. So, I ...

10.0.3 agent updating to 10.0.1 instead of
MY ZCM10 server is windows 2003 SP2 R2 updated to zcm When I deploy the ZCM agent to a workstation the workstation installs the 10.0.3 agent. After the reboot, the workstation then downloads and installs the 10.0.1 msi files. The ZAA still lists the agent as 10.0.3. Any idea why the 10.0.1 files are being downloaded to the workstation after 10.0.3 is installed on the workstation? Any idea how I can get to install on the workstation? -- moffatt ------------------------------------------------------------------------ moffatt said on 7/23/2008, ...

Import older system update (e.g. 10.3.1 instead of 10.3.4)
Hi I am preparing some VM's to model an upgrade I am due to perform. I have a 10.3.0 primary server, which I need to update to 10.3.1 (needs to be this version for testing) I have copied in an md5 checksum checked version of into %ZENWORKS_HOME% I have run the 'zman sui' against this file and zman.log shows command completed. loader-messages.log shows "[DEBUG] [09/03/12 22:24:41] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINE: Import of Update for ZCM (10.3.1) complete] [] []" However, System Updates show Mar 2012 PRU 01-Mar-2012 ...

Update 10.0.3 to
After a few attempts we got our Server to Version Our clients won't Update to also new Agent installations will only starts with Agent Version 10.0.3. Any solutions ?? Thx so far Jochen -- Jschwab72 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jschwab72, in the past, did you ever follow the process to manually update your agents on the server? -- Shaun Pond Shaun, yes we did it at the Update from 10.0.1 to 10.0.2. Jochen -- Jschwab72 --------------------------------------------------...

Update 10.3.1 to 10.3.2 failed?
Hi, i run my first Update from ZCM 10.3.1 to 10.3.2. But ZCC show me in ZCM -> Devices-> Servers -> <my ZCM Primary Server> always Version 10.3.1!? But /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/version.txt show me Version Client Agent's on W7 Test Workstation got the new Version 10.3.2 also. So whats right? I startet the Update in ZCM -> Configuration->System Updates->check (Update for ZCM 10.3.2) and run the Action "Deploy Actions to Devices" The State for that Update and this Server is "Succesfull". Was this the right way...

Zenworks Tools not updated after 10.0.3 update
After update of a couple boxes to 10.0.3 I've noticed that the zen tools ( e.g. http://zcm-server/zenworks-setup ) none of these seem to be updated. If I grope around I find: /var/opt/novell/zenworks/work/system-update/10_0_3/novell-zenworks-zmgbootcd-10.0.2-0.i586.rpm if you rpm -q it you find it is not installed if you rpm -i it it says its already installed if you rpm -qpl you find it installs /opt/novell/zenworks/zdm/winutils/bootcd.iso which is present and updated to the March 30 2008 version. Downloading and burning, it is the new one which works on our new HP de...

10.0.3 agent update to
On some devices, when the update try to install, they are going in Error state and the error message is: "One or more pre-requisite updates failed to install to this device. Ensure all pre-requisite updates have been applied successfully and try again." What is that/those pre-requisite ? Thanks. I don't know if all I did help to resolve my problem but I: - reboot my ZCM server - unregister devices - re-register devices - refresh devices Now, update is applied. Refered to TID 7000785 "Normand" <> a �crit dans le message...

Agents are not updated after update to 10.3
Hello, Here at a client of mine we have installed the update to version 10.3 from version 10.2.2. The only thing is is that the clients are version 10.2.2. It looks like the agents are not updated. Is there a way to update the agent software? John -- jslegers ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jslegers, how did you deploy the update - to all devices? -- Shaun Pond spond;1981360 Wrote: > Jslegers, > > how did you deploy the update - to all devices? > > -- > > Shaun Pond Yes. I hav...

Update on 10.3
Hi all, I just installed the openSuSE 10.3 on my server. Afterward, I configured the for both Update, OSS and Non-OSS repositories. Then do yast>Online Update. The system reported that - No Update Available. I then change the Repository to a Japan mirror. And redo the Online Update, same happens. I then try again to change the Repository to a Taiwan mirror. Same-same. Would anybody advise what is happening? Many thanks. -- tetra6000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ tetra6000 wrote: > &g...

Issues updating to from
Can anyone confirm that they have update to and whether or not there were any issues or if the clients noticed anything? ZCM 10.1.0 is now available. It is recommended to update to this and not ZCM 10.1.0 is only available via Please be sure to backup your DB prior to the upgrade. -- Craig Wilson - MCNE, MCSE, CCNA Novell Support Forums Volunteer Sysop Novell does not officially monitor these forums. Suggestions/Opinions/Statements made by me are solely my own. These thoughts may not be shared by either Novell or any rational hum...

Force 10.0.3 agent update to
Hi, Is it possible to force agents that are at 10.0.3 version to update to ? I have many devices that are in pending state since many days (weeks) and some policies and/or bundles I made are not applying maybe because of this... Can someone help me ? Thanks. If the has downloaded to the machines but just not run, you can try the following: > > C: > CD "C:\Program > Files\Novell\ZENworks\logs\system-update\5754c9d3833a435386c200e70e17a0b6" > "C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\Bin\zenupdater.exe" -v -c > update_com...

Serious error during schema update (10.0.3 to 10.1)
10.0.3 running on Windows 2003 SP2 server. Running upgrade which terminates on ConfigDatabaseUpgradeAction. This is the only server in the zone. TID 7001162 describes the issue but that's related to multi-server zones. I've tried the resolution described in the TID, but it doesn't work. The installation log gives me the following error message: One or more serious errors occured during the schema update. Everything else reports normal. Anyone experienced this one? Regards, Ivar -- ifu -----------------------------------------------------------------------...

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