Import older system update (e.g. 10.3.1 instead of 10.3.4)

I am preparing some VM's to model an upgrade I am due to perform.

I have a 10.3.0 primary server, which I need to update to 10.3.1 (needs
to be this version for testing)

I have copied in an md5 checksum checked version of into %ZENWORKS_HOME%
I have run the 'zman sui' against this file and zman.log shows command

loader-messages.log shows
"[DEBUG] [09/03/12 22:24:41] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINE:
Import of Update for ZCM (10.3.1) complete] [] []"

However, System Updates show

Mar 2012 PRU  01-Mar-2012     Available  Moderate All Devices 
Update for ZCM (10.3.4)  17-Nov-2011     Available  Mandatory All
Update for ZCM (10.3.0a)  01-Apr-2010     Baselined  Mandatory All
Support Pack 2 for ZCM (10.2)  26-May-2009     Baselined  Mandatory All
Update for ZCM (10.1.3)  18-Feb-2009     Baselined  Mandatory All
Update for ZCM (10.1.2a)  08-Dec-2008     Baselined  Mandatory All
Update for ZCM (10.1.1)  07-Oct-2008     Baselined  Mandatory All

The loader-message.log also shows:
"[DEBUG] [09/03/12 22:24:41] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINEST:
Attempting to get updates.xml from URL:
file://D:\ZCM\Novell\ZENworks\] [] []
[DEBUG] [09/03/12 22:24:41] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINEST:
No updates found for core with base version 10.1] [] []
[DEBUG] [09/03/12 22:24:41] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINEST:
Attempting to get updates.xml from URL:
file://D:\ZCM\Novell\ZENworks\] [] []
[DEBUG] [09/03/12 22:24:41] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINEST:
Attempting to get updates.xml from URL:
file://D:\ZCM\Novell\ZENworks\] [] []
[DEBUG] [09/03/12 22:24:41] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINEST:
No updates found for pru with base version 10.1] [] []"

Do system updates only show the latest version?
Do I have to do something to force it to show the 10.3.1 update?
Perhaps set something to ignore the later updates?

Any suggestions welcome!



3/9/2012 10:46:02 PM
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Got it....

Solution was:
	� enter bogus proxy server for system updates
	� delete the 10.3.4 update
	� re-run the zman sui...

Now zcc shows status as downloading



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3/9/2012 11:46:01 PM

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