Failed server - certificate on cloned server

Hi there, 

We have 5 primary ZCM 10.3.1 SLES 10 SP3 servers. One of the servers
has failed. These are all VMware servers.

We have cloned the one of the healthy primaries, changed the name and
ip address to that of the original failed server.
I have brought it back up and it is functioning as a imaging server. 

But from a certificate point of view, we created a external CA form
eDir using Jared doc, when the servers were first installed.
'Cool Solutions: AppNote: Installing ZENworks 10 Configuration
Management using External Certificates'

As this is not a new install, but a clone of an existing server, how do
I replace or activate the correct certificates for this replacement
server ?

Thanks for any input. 


3/6/2012 12:26:02 PM
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If it helps anything, this server is purely meant to be a imaging
server. There is application content in the content-repo directory as
the server was cloned. 
I am happy to clear this content if I can, but there seems to be a
communication error between this server and the zone.
Imaging functionality is working fine and we are able to upload and
download images, but I suspect there must be some other config files or
certificates which need to change in 
order for it to communicate properly. 


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